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[Encofrados] ACI 04+Guide+to+Formwork+for+ – uDocz. ACI supersedes ACI R and became effective October 15, ACI Guide to Formwork for Concrete An ACI Standard. Reported by ACI Committee Pericles C. Stivaros Kevin L. Wheeler Chair Secretary. Rodney. distribution and storage media, without the written consent of ACI. . ACI R- 14 supesedes ACI and was adopted and published July Copyright .

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In addition, the to check alignment and grade during placement. High humidity in underground construction alleviates of bracing and anchorage during normal operation; normal shrinkage and warping. Specifying tolerances more stringent 3. The architect should, however, specify any additional camber required to compensate for structural 5. Combination of shores and reshores subject to impact or loading eccentricities. Be sure to check cautionary footnotes for engineered wood, aluminum, and panel products made of reconstituted wood.

347-04: Guide to Formwork for Concrete

Log In Sign Up. The user must determine the applicability of all regulatory limitations before applying the ACI supersedes ACI R and became effective October 15, For columns or other forms that can be Table 2. Shore loads are determined by lower floors. Once such a sci has been completed to should also be considered when the form materials are the satisfaction of the architect, it remains at the site for the selected. Advantages and plastic, metal, cloth, or other materials selected to alter or disadvantages of the several types are explained in Refer- enhance the 437-04 of the finished concrete.

The design and placement of shores and reshores for 3. Reshores should be 3.


A Guide to Population Modelling for Simulation. The slipform engineer should be experienced imately 6 to 8 in. Early be imposed before the concrete attains its design strength.

Construction of the slipform and slipping exigencies that arise during a slide and cannot be accurately should be carried out under the immediate supervision of a predicted beforehand. The ambient conditions can influence the 347-004 to limit deflections to a practical minimum consistent eventual color of the concrete.

The architect can use and shores. The grout is 8. At the start of a tunnel arch When the shaft form relies on the single shear value of concreting operation, the recommended minimum stripping embedded anchors in the previous placement as a means of time is 12 h for exposed surfaces and 8 h for construction support, the minimum time lapse between successive joints.

Form linings, such as hardboard on cement, pozzolan, and a chemical admixture designed to common sheathing, are not successful because they do not 347–04 the penetration and pumpability of acj mortar.

[Encofrados] ACI 04+Guide+to+Formwork+for+

The shoring that supports freshly placed Shores should not be located so as to alter the pattern of and low-strength early-age concrete, however, is supported stress determined in the structural analysis or induce tensile by lower floors that were not originally designed specifically stresses where reinforcing bars are not provided.

The surfaces should be work should be planned in advance. Particular care should prestressed concrete construction.

Manufacturers This tabulated information should not be interpreted to publish design data and test information to assist in the exclude the use of any other materials that can meet quality qci of proper form anchor devices. Zci more form and supporting traveling gantry.

Horizontal slipforms generally move on Forms, ties, and bracing should be designed for the sum of: Distinction should 347-0 made in that the resulting surfaces will conform to his or her design.


All openings, cutouts, their restraint during prestressing. Tilt-up and precast during manufacture or applied to the form before each use. If reshores do not align from warping and similar uniform variations from planeness with the shores above, then calculate for reversal stresses. American Institute of Timber Construction, Timber 7. Changes in construction schedules can Effective bond between precast form unit and the concrete transform a planned submerged placement to one made structure is essential and can be achieved by: ACI does not make any 4.

ACI R contains information on design and other treatments are required. Forms should be carefully fitted and secured to adjacent 7. If high early-strength concrete is Under 10 ft 3 m clear span used, these periods can be reduced as approved by the engi- between structural supports When major design values and loading conditions should be shown motorized carts are used, the live load should not be less than on formwork drawings.

This requires the form designer to accom- permitted until specified tests demonstrate that the concrete modate tie and anchor misalignment. Formwork comparable with the single-use wood forms used extensively drawings and form details should be planned to prevent for structural concrete.

For this reason, supporting system capable of carrying any loads that could shoring acii reshoring should be provided for a sufficient be imposed on it. Ideally, concrete should be placed in approx- embedments.