AvMap warrants their GPS receiver and accessories to be free of defects in .. The knee mount is secured to the back of the EKP-IV with Velcro and snap guides. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV user manual online. EKP-IV GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV PRO user manual online. AvMap EKP-IV PRO: User Manual. EKP-IV PRO GPS pdf manual download.

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User Manual Via Caboto, 9. Once attached, the output of NMEA formatted data can be enabledin the following manner: Please contact your dealer for more details on these avjap. The operation mode will determine the options available within the screen.

AvMap ekp-iv User Manual – Page 1 of 96 |

The layout of these fields depends on Selecting Database Search Fields 8. Avmp Availability which was discontinued in April Note The alarm is only active for User Waypoints with this symbol selected for the icon: Scroll through the cells using the cursor key. This name will appear at the top of the page when viewed and in the Flight Plans List when viewing all Flight Plans. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

GOTO destination replacing them with the corresponding airport waypoint that was originally selected. In addition, clock functions and manuual data can be found in this menu.


The map is scrolled and zoomed automatically to keep the best view possible. The following options assist in getting the most track memory for your type of flying. UP mode, in the Fix position for increased Pilot Awareness. For information about the NMEA format specifications: Page of Go.

AvMap EKPV Installation Manual

The default setting is NM. A shadow of the icon will remain on the screen until the map is redrawn. All Calculator functions are based on the active Flight Plan.

Navigate feature does not work — Blanks are displayed in the navigation data fields until a GPS fix has been obtained; this usually occurs within a few Min- utes.


From the Elp Map screen you can edit and create Flight Plans using the cursor. Total time when speed is greater than 35 knots. Press any key to accept. The Cycle Key is defaulted in the Cycle 1 position that normally activates all features to be visible on the display. To access from the Main Menu: Accuracy exactly where to find the best possible replacement.

Total time the unit is on regardless of GPS fix. There are three Cycle modes and hitting the Cycle Avap one to three times activates them.

Taws Alarm this circle an alarm sounds and the Waypoint Alarm box apprears on the screen. The Data Window contains the navigation information pertaining to the active flight; Page of 96 Go.


AvMap EKP-IV User Manual

The airplane will be pointing in the direction of movement. Fastest speed eko Current Speed: Three satellites are required for two-dimension positioning which determines position only and four satellites are required for three-dimension positioning to determine position and elevation.

It will also return all selections Input The default setting is Contour. Department of Defense to provide continuous, worldwide positioning and navigation data to U. Page 35 It is also possible tochoose the catrografic information to be shown based on the selected “Cycle” program.

Simulator The built-in Simulator function allows you to become proficient in the use of the EKP-IV before ever taking it into the cockpit. If you attempt to select this item in another filed, the system will maual three times and revert to the previous selection mode. Comments to dkp Manuals Your Name.

Each of these Waypoints is displayed on the Moving Map by an icon. The default setting is Gallons.

Using DGPS to eliminate the effects of correctable errors After a few agmap the Warning page is displayed, reminding you that the EKP-IV is an aid to navigation and should be used with appropriate prudence.