ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ User Manual. Table of .. Introduction. Thank you very much for expressing your confidence in BEHRINGER products by. Behringer DEQ has provided the most effective performance per dollar ratio of any individual component I’ve had in my system, but unfortunately. Get the guaranteed best price on Equalizers like the Behringer DEQ Ultra- Curve Pro Mastering Processor at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free.

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Due to the fact my present two channel high ddeq2496 set up is in a very challeging room for acoustics. As an engineer I find myself drawn to new ways of building a standard design. Quality control may also be suspect.

A parametric equalizer is an equalizer that allows you dial into a specific frequency, apply a boost or cut, and specify the width of the affected frequencies around the chosen center frequency.

The unit seems to last well in installs but must like all electronics be kept as cool as possible as this shortens its life. Lyle Mays beautiful piano solo begins delicately with soft presence, picking up dynamics and pace with the accompanying ride cymbals, resolving into an explosive crash of the china cymbal and a walloping of the floor toms on the opposite side of the stage. Achieving a six decibel boost in level requires a doubling of power, making both the amplifier and the speakers work harder.

The rack mount handles are removable if desired, and feet such as Vibrapods could easily be substituted. These are other customers’ choices: The Bfhringer will accept sampling frequencies up to 96kHz with word lengths up to 24 bits.

Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Pro

Recently, a couple of changes in the manner in which I approach audio has allowed my goal to become much more of an affordable reality. W x D x H x x mm, Weight The memory settings allow a convenient manner to rapidly compare the sound of various settings. I preferred the sound of the toslink connector.


Equalizing a boost at the listening position can cause a severe boost in another area of the room. The composer beautifully mixes acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, a variety of percussive instruments and bass guitar into a very dynamic arrangement made of alternating odd behrinegr that never bores no matter how often I hear it.

Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496 Equalizer Analyzer Mastering Processor

To get a feel for the sound of what a smoother frequency response offers, I listened prk some of my current favorites both with the DEQ in the system and out, switching between the two via the selector switch on my preamp. I would like to give a more detailed comparison of this recording, but when I put the DEQ back in I began singing and was lost to my task.

At the same time, the cello comes further out to the front of the soundstage, with more delicacy and detail during soft bowing and more bite in crescendos. The reduction of frequency peaks allows an increased perception of low level detail and allows the listener to hear individual tonal colors more easily.

Very nice product, sound was very saturated. For this reason, equalization is generally recommended for bass frequencies as the effects can be positive over a relatively large listening area.

Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, and therefore excellently qualified to help our customers from the choice of their instruments all the way to maintenance or repairs. Monarchy SM 70 Pro Amplifier Over the past decade, SET is an acronym that has evolved from the fringe of the audio world, to become a phrase that even a casual audiophile can recognize.

Room peaks and dips occur at all frequencies, but as the frequency rises the affects tend to be less pronounced. The unit has two digital inputs: Related Products from Amazon. The DEQ has the ability to save all settings to memory and assign names to the various memory settings.


The first unit I purchased was unusable out of the box.

More Thomann Facebook t. Overall I would just like my sound a bit more neutral.

Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ Equalizer Analyzer Mastering Processor | eBay

As ultrscurve as I would like to, I do not have the luxury of dedicating one room of my house solely to the act of listening to music. Marcus Miller M2 5 Transparent Blue 2nd Gen, 5-string electric bass made by Sire, mahogany body, maple neck, c-profile, maple fretboard, scale length mm, nut width 45 mm, 24 medium frets, 2 Marcus Blue humbucker pickups, Marcus heritage-3 electronics I achieved good results, but not as good as my dCS gear.

Search our site ok. In addition, it includes ultra-high resolution band real-time FFT analyser with additional auto EQ function for room and loudspeaker equalisations.

There are a number of audiophile caliber digital equalization systems on the market, but all others I am aware of cost thousands, not hundreds, of dollars. I would like to be able to achieve a flatter response without disrupting the quality of sound my system can ulyracurve.

This item has been ordered with our suppliers and should be in our warehouse in the next few days. Related Articles Audiosmile Modified Behringer SRC Audio enthusiasts with limited financial resources face serious obstacles in their search deq496 high quality music reproduction. I recommend this unit. The DEQ is not a component that one would normally find in a home stereo system.