Transcript of OXIURO. Detail 1. Nombre: Enterobius vermicularis. Familia: Oxyuridae Clasificaciòn: Helminto. Nematodo Cuadro clínico de la. Transcript of Nemátodos – Oxiuros. Pequeño gusano cosmopolita blanquecino y delgado. Hembra adulta mm de largo x mm de diám. El oxiuros, conocido científicamente como Enterobius vermicularis o Oxiurus vermicularis, es un gusano que causa una verminosis intestinal.

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Other symptoms include anorexia, irritability, and abdominal pain. The larvae contained inside the eggs develop the eggs become infective in 4 to 6 hours under optimal conditions. Note the presence of the alae blue arrowintestine green arrow and ovaries black arrows. xe

The worm measured 1. Image contributed by Sheboygan Memorial Hospital, Wisconsin. These would be swallowed and follow the same development as ingested eggs. Diagnostic Findings More on: The esophagus, divided into muscular and bulbous portions and separated by a short, narrow isthmus, is visible in the image, as are the cephalic expansions.


Some small number of eggs may become airborne and inhaled. Note the prominent alae blue arrow and the presence of eggs yellow arrow. Morphologic comparison with other intestinal parasites. Notice the presence of the alae blue arrowintestine red arrow and testis black arrow. Posterior end of the worm in Figure D.


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En Chile el vector es el mosquito Flebotomus perniciosus. Medwave se preocupa por su privacidad y la seguridad de sus datos personales.

OXIURO by Lucrezia Mura on Prezi

Los hospederos se pueden clasificar en: Note the blunt end. Adult males of Enterobius vermicularis measure up to 2. For an overview including prevention and control visit www. Rev Chil Pediatr ; 73 3: Life Cycle Eggs are deposited on perianal folds. Worldwide, with infections more frequent in school- or preschool-children and in crowded conditions. Adult males have a blunt posterior end with a single spicule; females cicoo a long pointed tail.

A second species, Enterobius gregoriihas been described and reported from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Note the presence of many eggs. Eggs will adhere to the tape and can be seen microscopically. Enterobiasis may also be acquired through surfaces in the environment that are contaminated with pinworm eggs e.


Eggs can also be found, but less frequently, in the stool, and occasionally ooxiuros encountered in the urine or vaginal smears. El paciente de la Fig. Enterobiasis is frequently asymptomatic.

Estos se dividen en nematelmintos o nematodos y platelmintos. Linking to a non-federal site does not constitute an endorsement by HHS, CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the site. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir.

Laboratory Diagnosis Laboratory Diagnosis Microscopic identification of eggs collected in the perianal area is the method of choice for diagnosing enterobiasis. Humans are considered to be the only hosts of E.

The nematode roundworm Enterobius vermicularis previously Oxyuris vermicularis also called human pinworm. For all practical purposes, the morphology, life cycle, clinical presentation, and treatment of E.