The continuum concept is an idea, coined by Jean Liedloff in her book The Continuum Concept, that human beings have an innate set of expectations that. The Continuum Concept has ratings and reviews. Shannon said: I had high expectations for this book, as it is an oft-mentioned title in Attachme. Jean Liedloff spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle living teaches psychotherapy based on the principles of The Continuum Concept.

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Reading this made me think about the many times parents have told me as their childcare provider to allow their infant to cry itself to sleep. Jean Conitnuum spent several years with native tribal people in the jungles of South America. There are no simple solutions. She complies fully and willingly but does not add anything more.

Liedloff’s premise is that babies who are unconditionally and constantly held and who participate, albeit passively from their mother’s arms, in the continjum around them grow up to be happier and more secure people.

5 Reasons Why the Continuum Concept is Misunderstood

It is perfect and could not have been written better. People will find themselves having less and being more, and the result of this effortlessness will be greater sanity and contentment.

Immediate placement, after birth, in their mothers’ arms: I can see that some babies who don’t get their needs fontinuum might spend part or all of their adult life searching to complete or recreate that lovely time traveling on mommy’s hip. Liedloff explored this question in her book, The Continuum Concept. Liedlkff sense of wellbeing enjoyed in jeqn womb came to an abrupt end at birth, and most of these kids would never again recover it. I did it because it felt natural and good. In fact she is overtly anti-intellectual, stating that our overuse of intellect in the modern world has, to our detriment, taken over our natural instincts as humans.

Left alone the babies would chirp or howl and bring predators and she would instinctively avoid this at all costs.


Unhappiness in all its forms is the result. She lives in London. They want a strong, confident part who will give one choice only, and everyone follows.

The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost by Jean Liedloff

We also hope to serve those who are recovering from the adverse effects of a modern, “non-continuum” upbringing, and who may or may not be parents themselves. When at last I worked the tooth free of the gum and stopped the hole with gauze, he was white in the face and went to his hammock exhausted. If my sister and I were talking at night when we were supposed to be asleep, she would open the door and peer in at us with this hurt, disappointed expression, and then close it again.

A few of his playmates stood by to watch me extract the tooth. I learned so much about why I am the way I am, and why other people are the way they are. By the way, have any scientists returned to the jungle to test the author’s continuum concepts?

It was just a different kind of scheduling. Retrieved from continnuum https: In adulthood, if a man decides he doesn’t like contiunum “work,” he does something else constructive with his time and no one judges him.

Consistent with the economical character of nature, he wants no more than he needs. While a lot of scientists agree that the child should have lots of contact, a lot of parents still keep their babies in another room or at least out of the bed in fear they would roll over their infant.

For example, she critiques parents for “chasing” their toddlers to keep them from harm or from wandering off, and the example she gives is of seeing modern parents do this in New York’s Central Park!

She modelled for a while, and wrote. Liiedloff said, to illustrate: This page includes a brief description of The Continuum Conceptby Jean Liedloff, and how to obtain a copy of this life-changing book. A History of American Childhood. This is one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. We all come through it, find ways to cope, rearrange our lives and psyches and eventually sort out our lives again.


Just before we arrived, Cesar decided to clear a garden of his own, and Pepe helped with every detail, from choosing the site to felling and burning the trees.

I’d be embarrassed to admit to the Indians that our women don’t know how to take care of their children until they read instructions written in a book by a man they’ve never met. On a whim, she joined their continnuum. They did not exist before. They are not controlled by others, they are free. The Continuum Concept has the basis of a groundbreaking book, however, it is poorly written, lacking in evidence, and based on one woman’s own life experience–one that seems colored with the same anger, doubt, pessimism, and depression she assumes everyone in the Western world to personally experience.

I started this book a few months ago, then picked it up again last weekend. Continuum Concept parenting and Attachment Parenting are not the same thing, but there is some overlap.

Our customer reviews I truly believe that any parents-to-be should read this book. Having arms and being able to create slings makes it clearly even more likely that a human mother would keep her infant close during the nursing months. Assuming we also somehow stopped and continujm reversed the warming of the planet we conceptt into motion in the 20th century, tore out all the dams to restore fisheries and wetlands, got rid of all the guns and bombs since their presence makes it highly unlikely people will have the fruits of their spring and summer labor to sustain them through fall and winter— someone will always find it easier to just steal stuff if they have the means.