The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity. by Elias Boudinot. Publication date Topics divine, author. The Age of Revelation has 8 ratings and 1 review. Samuel said: Boudinot wrote this response to Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason disappointed Elias Boudinot. A PEOPLE WHO MEAN TO BE THEIR OWN GOVERNORS MUST. ARM THEMSELVES WITH THE POWER WHICH KNOWLEDGE GIVES. THE AGE OF.

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The Cruxansata of Hermes, is represented by the former as a most sublime hieroglyphic, as a most mysterious and powerful amulet, endowed with an astonishing virtue, and as exhibiting one of the most complete mathematical figures, “babentem longitudinem atque latitudinem, et quar-tuar angulos rectos, i.

Elias Boudinot, The Age of Revelation ()

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In short, all the very ancient accounts of the Egyptians confirm this fact; that they were acquainted with the doctrine of a trinity in the divine Being, So in the first chapter of Hermes Paemander,he represents God as saying, “I am Light and I am Mind, even thy God — older than moist or fruitful nature, which he created from darkness; and the Son of God is that glorious Word, which came forth from the Mind.

W HEN the warm and sincere affection, of a fond and anxious parent, is strongly manifested, by the interest he takes in the improvement and welfare of a beloved child; when it appears that, to promote her best interests, neither cares nor labour, even in an advanced and infirm age, will be spared; it may be hoped, that a corresponding temper of mind, may lead her to see the truth in a more clear and convincing light, especially when urged and incalcated by exertions of so tender a nature.

That awful and important period is approaching. Boudinot, in contrast, upheld the Bible’s accuracy. Mahomet made his laws, not to curb, but humor the genius of the people; they were therefore altered and repealed from the same causes. Lark Benobi added it May 07, That generation informed Boudinot and doubtless formed many of his views.

The Age of Revelation: The Age of Reason Shewen to Be an Age of Infidelity

Maurice’s Indian Eluas, wherein to his great surprize, and greater pleasure, he finds Mr. Allix — “The three persons in the Godhead, did there so conspicuously manifest themselves, that the ancients took thence occasion to tell the Arians, go to the river Jordan, and there you shall see the Trinity. Thus we have very strong evidence from the history of Moses, that the religion of Adam, Enoch, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, and his children Isaac and Jacob, led them to look to the Messiah that was to come, the promised seed of the woman, pre-figured in all their sacrifices and oblations of blood shed upon their altars.

The story, therefore, had nothing in it either new, wonderful or obscene: Paine is considered to be an American Founding Father, and yet, unlike Paine, Boudinot actually served in a civil capacity in the United States that included work on the Constitution. They trust to the care of the master and driver, and implicitly commit themselves to their knowledge and good conduct. I mean his own nature, as well as the sublime doctrines of salvation by a Redeemer, founded upon it.

That this same Jesus Christ did also, during his life, promise to his followers, that after his death and resurrection, he would send his holy spirit into the hearts of his disciples and followers; whereby they would be enabled to remember whatever he had told them while with them in the flesh ; and by whom they should receive the further knowledge of those things, which they ‘were not then prepared to bear, is also recorded by these same apostles.


Lyle rated it did not like it Aug 16, For not only the Jews, the Magians, and the Mahometans, but the Sabians and the East-Indians, all challenge him to themselves, as the great patriarch and founder of their several sects, every one pretending their religion is the same that Abraham professed.

When I first took up this treatise [Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason ], I considered it as one of those vicious and absurd publications, filled with ignorant declamation and ridiculous representations of simple facts, the reading of which, with attention, would be an undue waste of time; but afterwards, finding it often the subject of conversation, in all ranks of society; and knowing the author to be generally plausible in his language, and very artful in turning the clearest truths into ridicule, I determined to read it, with an honest design of impartially examining into its real merits.

Michael Berkompas added it Apr 24, The Serpent shows his Word which animates and fructifies the world; and the wings refer to the Spirit of God, which vivifies the world by his motion. The Jews as a people, then professed firmly to believe, that their king Messiah, though the Word and eternal Son of God, was to be born of boufinot Virgin — of the tribe of Judah — of the family of David — in the village of Bethlehem: By Elias Boudinot, L.

Abraham retained the knowledge and worship of the true God, amidst all the idolatry of his country, and at last separated himself and family from the contagion of their example, by removing into a distant land, not before inhabited.

The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity

They exercise, without hesitation, an un-feigned faith in the general character of the one; and trust wholly to the owner and master, for the abilities of the others. Had it a tendency to prepare the minds of the Gentiles to believe the author to be a Son of God? That the breach of them, necessarily reduces a separation from him, who is the fountain and source of all happiness and enjoyment; and of course, necessarily induces misery in the extreme.

So it is with revealed religion. They were forewarned near two thousand years ago, of these things, by their great Lord and Master; ‘that when the time should come, they might remember, that he had told them of them.

But it was Franklin who stood up at the Constitutional Convention and quoted Psalm revelahion He is said to have reigned about two thousand years before the Christian aera.

It is somewhat remarkable, that we never read of the seed of the woman but in the instance of the eliaz Saviour: Elais like consequence was drawn by the people at large from his preaching long before, when he charged them with attempting to stone him for his good works — they denied the fact, but said, that it was “for his being only a man, yet making himself equal with God. He himself allows, in page 35 of his pamphlet, “that there is a revelation, the word of God, in the creation we behold.

He set out his Christian viewpoint in The Age of Revelation excerpted belowwhich was a pamphlet, written as a letter to his daughter into uphold Christian beliefs and to refute Thomas Paine’s pamphlet The Age of Reason which advocated “the religion of nature” and sought to discredit the accuracy and infallibility of the Bible.

Our interest in, and hold of the world, is diminishing every hour. Noah receives an express revelation from God, relating revelaation the flood, when he complains that his Spirit should not always strive with men. Even among Christians the sacred trinity is more properly a subject of belief, than of investigation, and every attempt to penetrate further into it, than God in his holy word has revealed, is at best an injudicious, and often a dangerous effect of mistaken piety.


Hyde, however, interested a friend who lived in Persia, to gain information bouidnot this head from their priests, if possible, and particularly as to the worship they pay to Buodinot, whom they term the Triplasian, or three-fold Mythras.

English Choose a language for shopping. This is a certain fact, and not only reasonable in itself, but consistent with the nature of the subject. Boudinot wrote this response to Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason” disappointed that no one else had done so.

Hyde, with other learned writers, believes that the birth of Christ was made known to the Persians, they having persevered in the worship of the one true God. Sobriety of mind, humility and piety, are requisite in the pursuit of knowledge of every kind, and much more in that which is sacred.

Even the great war of Mahabbarat, which he fomented, was a just war, undertaken against invaders and tyrants, whom he triumphantly overthrew, and then returned to his seat in the Heavenly region.

Read more Read less. The circumstances of the Christian church, which received these books and transmitted them to us, were such, as there cannot be a doubt with respect to the competency of their evidence; because they were published in the life time of thousands and myriads, who were as competent witnesses of the facts, as the writers themselves; and there cannot be any question of their veracity, unless we suppose they all combined to tell and to propagate a falsehood, to their own prejudice, and merely to impose on all posterity — which would be a greater miracle, as being more contrary to what we know of human nature, than any thing recorded in these books.

It was at that remote period, that this holy doctrine was first propagated and most vigorously flourished, not in the school of Plato, not in the academic groves of Greece, but in the sacred bowers of Eden, and in the awful school of universal nature, when Jehovah himself was the instructor, and Adam the Heaven taught pupil.

The Lord hath said unto me, thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee. While they declare in plain but sublime language, the dignity and glory of their master’s [Jesus’] real character, they do not attempt to cover his actual state of humility, in not even having a place to lay his head. These opposers of the Christian church, had the most urgent reasons for using every means in their power, to expose the falsehood or forgery of the apostles, if such had been the case.

His work shows what an educated layman can do when spurred on by the need to answer a once-respected writer who abused his popularity to rail against a religious system that he either did not fully understand or had no wish to understand.

If they travel by land, they will mount the horse, recommended by its owner; or enter a public carriage provided for passengers, without doubting of their safety in the one case, or examining the Workmanship and construction of either carriage or harness, in the other. Paine had no role in the founding conventions of America and their documents. No man believes, that credit is given to the veracity of another who reports a fact, by firmly believing it, on perfect demonstration, or of the fullest evidence.

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