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Indonesia Java – – ] http: Russia – Fr bolanderi, crispiplicata, davurica ssp davurica, davurica ssp jackii, dilatata. Three New Taxa of Frullania from India. JanuarBern, Schweiz [ eur: A revision of Frullania sect. USA Iowa – Fr eboracensis – ] www. Galapagos [Ecuador] – Fr aculaeata, Fr spec. Recent insights, open questions, and reinvestigations of Frullania dilatata and Plagiochila asplenioides [ – Fr dilatata, Plagiochila asplenioides – ] Journal of Systematics and Evolution – Accepted Author Manuscript.

Understanding the Chemistry will Help our Diagnostic Approach. The biology of Island floras. LC [ aust2: Ecuador – Frullania – ]Quito, 55 pp.


List of Porto Rican Hepaticae, species marked with an asterisk are recorded in the literature.

Click here to sign up. A case study with four bryophyte species at two altitudinal levels. India Karnataka – Fr arecae, breviramea, campanulata, ericoides, neurota, obscura, tamarisci, tamarisci ssp.

Latvia – Fr dilatata – ] Folia Cryptog. Brazil – Fr apiculata, caulisequa, grossifolia, setigera, vitalii – ] Bol. Brazil – Fr ericoides 39982 ], 53 pp. New insights from DNA taxonomy, hybridization, and biogeography in the leafy liverwort Porella platyphylla Jungermanniopsida, Porellales.

Locale Data Summary for Spanish [es]

Korea – Fr amplicrania, appendiculata, bolanderi, brotheri, davurica, densiloba, diversitexta, ericoides, fauriana, fuscovirens, hamatiloba, inflata, inflexa, kagoshimensis, muscicola, muscicola var. Nepal – Fr dilatata, ericoides, gracillima, muscicola, retusa, tamarisci, yunnanensis – ] http: Volume 1, Plants [ eur: Azores, Madeira [Portugal], Canary Isl.

The surroundings of Meran Prov. Bryophytes of Wyre] [ eur: Species checklist of the non-vascular flora and lichens. Madagascar – anderssonii, angulata var. USA California – Fr bolanderi, californica, catalinae, franciscana, inflata, nisquallensis – Checklist, keys], 55 pp. USA Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma – Fr brittoniae, eboracensis, eboracensis ssp virginica, ericoides, inflata, kunzei, riparia, tamarisi ssp tamarisi, tamarisi ssp asagrayana, wrightii – ] http: Chile – Fr baahia, cf.


Frullania teneriffae Turkey [ as5: Croatia – Fr dilatata – ] Studia bot. Germany – Dr dilatata, tamarisci – ] www.

Appendix 1 [ as2: Teutoburger Wald und Eggegebirge. International Bryological conference dedicated to year anniversary of R. USA – Fr bolanderi, californica, nisquallensis – ] U. Germany Ahrtal – Fr dilatata, fragilifolia, tamarisci – ], 85 pp. Lejeuneaceae from India [ as3: Ecuador y Colombia Past, Present, and Future. Bozen, Italy [ eur: Rapport utgiven av MinBas II-programmet.

Sweden – Fr bolanderi, oakesiana – ], 7 pp.

Thank you for your support to the Universal Declaration on Archives!

Habitats and Species [Chapter 5] -In: Estonia – Fr dilatata, tamarisci – ] http: A biodiversity portal for the Sino-Himalayan region. List of Estonian bryophytes. A checklist of liverworts and hornworts of Jamaica.