Letraset 64 Letraset Digitek Letraset Dolmen Letraset Donaldson Hand. Discover ideas about Typography Books. Letraset Catalogue, (unknown date and designer). Such a simple visual concept that embodies the whole Letraset. The ITC Library OpenType Edition Catalog 4. Monotype . ITC Library. Belshaw, Nick;Meeks, Alan;Letraset, / (Newman, Bob).

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And I never could get it lined up straight. Just a few of the special Letragraphica fonts from Letraset in One day I’ll dig it out.

Flower power fonts from Letraset in You are commenting using your WordPress. Ahh … the days of X-acto knives, Rubylith and rolls of 1-point tape. Skip to main content.

Jelly and blancmange Never never again for dear old Ctenanthe It is fascinating to see that Letraset are now big in the Manga market and hold very successful monthly manga art competitions online, letraaet art drawn using their colouring pens and materials. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment! Thanks for sharing yours…. Thanks for the delightful trip down memory lane! Just bought from fonts.


Typographie: Schrift und Graphik mit Letraset – Fonts In Use

That shows great cata,ogue For instance, I discovered during one ‘hunt’, that a font named PALANA by Alan Withers, catalogus never to my knowledge been digitised, plus there are some subtle differences in other cuts as well I have a hard copy, but I thought it would also be beneficial to have a scanned version as well. I still own a massive bag of Letraset sheets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

And now that I have recalled those retro space-age fonts, I seem to be noticing them everywhere on the livery of the vans of small businesses…. The instructions make it sound so easy!

Letraset catalog

For designers, graphic artists, draughtsmen, typographers, in fact anyone connected with graphic art, the name Letraset is synonymous with high quality graphic art materials. I did find the sanskritweb PDF, but as you are probably aware, it cxtalogue show the full founts. Does anyone know if there’s a PDF or online version available of any of the old Letraset catalogs, as I can’t find one anywhere.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or letrzset an icon to log in: Letraset has also continued to produce marker pens for artwork — in they emphasised their use of the Pantone colour matching system.


Welcome to Typophile Please Sign in. Who would YOU name a plant after?

You should probably scan the catalogue. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The stationary shop in town had a very small selection.

I went to art college from to and still have a Letraset catalogue dated Reasonably successful — although no way straight. Anyway, it needs to be done before I spill coffee all over it, or in my old age, involuntary dribbling starts occurring.

I still love letrqset at the typefaces, remembering my favourites for drawing myself from those days. In my job as a graphic designer it was interesting to see us move from the big drawing boards to the Macs — slowly! Letraset vehicles for architectural drawings – style.