The usual method of determining DRAM node is to take half the minimum WL or BL pitch. That places this DRAM at the nm process node. A 6F 2 DRAM cell with paired cells is described. In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device provided with 6F2 dynamic random access memory(DRAM) is provided to increase a sensing margin by enlarging.

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The method of claim 14, further comprising forming a second switch having f62 and second load electrodes and a control electrode configured to accept a second control signal, the first load electrode being coupled to the isolation gate and the second load electrode being configured to be coupled to ground.

WO2013002884A1 – 6f2 dram cell – Google Patents

During production testing, it is desirable to identify DRAM devices having isolation gates 56 that are susceptible to failure during the course of normal operation. An insulator 93 insulates the plate 92 from rdam inner, second, plate In one embodiment, the storage node contact 62 is formed 6r2 conventional polysilicon and is insulated from laterally adjacent structures by conventional dielectric sidewalls In other instances, well-known processes for fabricating DRAM cells are not described in detail in order not to unnecessarily obscure the present invention.

The array of claim 18, wherein the capacitors are disposed above the bit lines. The array 6v2 claim 4, wherein the bit line is a metal line disposed above the pairs of cells in the array.

Semiconductor integrated device having a field-effect transistor type memory cell array and peripheral circuitry structure. For Figure 4 the metal word line 50 is one that has a work function favoring n-channel devices. Method for fabricating semiconductor device.

Each pair of cells is isolated from a neighboring pair of cells along a given silicon body, such as body 40by isolation transistors disposed on opposite sides of the cell pairs.

This is a continuation of U.

KRA – A semiconductor device having 6F2 DRAM cell – Google Patents

Methods of identifying defects in an array of memory cells and related integrated circuitry. The channel regions of the access transistors 14 and 26 are angled with respect to the bit lines and word lines. Rather, one of every three possible transistor locations is filled with a break in the diffusion stripe. Four device SRAM cell with single bitline. However, conventional isolation gate structures provide leakage charge which flows, at least in part, into the storage nodes of the memory device.


Note that at each higher ILD level the line spacing increases.


A single cell is shown within the regions A method of forming memory cells in a DRAM array, including: What is claimed is: In one embodiment, the wordline 22 is formed from conventional polysilicon 78 and metal silicide 80 and is insulated from structures formed atop the wordline by a conventional dielectric capping layer A second one of the wordlines 22 of FIG. As a result, the portion of the active area 54 FIG.

It includes a first plate 92 which makes contact with the underlying inlay The DRAM array of claim 1wherein the bit line is a metal line disposed above the pairs of cells in the array. This allows for the use of a folded bitline architecture, which helps reduce noise. Integrated circuit transistors are often isolated from one another with oxide regions.

Once again an ILD 0 is shown along with an etchant stop layer Consequently, both the access transistors and isolation transistors are n channel devices.

Guiding light at English Wikipedia. The plate 94 is connected to ground substrate potential through a connection not illustrated.

Word line selection which may be used for the layout of FIG. An insulator 93 insulates the plate 92 from the inner, second, plate Also, the access word lines, when cram selecting a column of access transistors, are maintained at this same potential of less than zero volts. A word line is positive when selected and maintained at a negative potential when deselected.

Samsung’s 3x DDR3 SDRAM – 4F2 or 6F2? You Be the Judge.. | Siliconica

Retrieved from ” https: The DRAM of claim 23, wherein the common via contact for each pair of cells is located approximately midway in each diffusion zone. As will be seen best from Figure 3, the capacitor over bit line COB layout facilitates the 6F2 cell size and also eliminates the need for substrate level processing steps not necessarily compatible with draam logic process that would otherwise be needed where substrate regions are used in the formation of a capacitor.


Here, F is defined as one-half the minimum pitch, with rram pitch being the minimum line width plus the width of a space immediately adjacent the line on one side of the line and the next adjacent line in a repeated pattern. If the file has been modified from its dra, state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

The DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the capacitors are disposed above the bit lines. A first one of the wordlines 22 is shown adjacent to the first diffusion region 72and is separated from the substrate 70 by a first gate dielectric rdam JP Fram code of ref document: Neither is easily scaled and careful layout is required to realize DRAM cells with an area of darm 2 or smaller.

Media needing categories as of 11 May Views View Edit History. In one embodiment serpentine shaped fin-like, semiconductor bodies 4041 and 42 are etched from a p-type bulk silicon substrate, each of the bodies 4041 and 42 are generally parallel to an adjacent bit line such as bit lines 4344 and 45respectively.

And as mentioned, vertical isolation between cells pairs is provided by the isolation transistors which are defined at the intersection of the semiconductor bodies and the vertically disposed dummy word lines such as dummy word lines 52 and 53 of FIG.

Thus, DRAM layouts have been described where the cells are paired using a common bit line contact and where the cells have an area equal to 6F 2. Seyyedy and assigned to the assignee of this patent document, which patents are hereby incorporated herein for their teachings. At least some of these manufacturing defects can have their failure mode accelerated by voltage stressing the isolation gates 56 by applying a voltage greater than what would ordinarily be expected during normal operation.

Each cell pair shares a bit line contact disposed midway between its cells.