A Dove at Midnight. Rexanne Becnel. Buy This Book. I have always read romance novels and the Medieval period of history has fascinated me. A maiden’s self-imposed isolation makes her the seductive prize in a royal battle for power. Lady Joanna Preston lives cloistered behind the walls of a nunnery. A Dove At Midnight By Rexanne Becnel – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Rylan is portrayed as an alpha type of guy, unused to being challenged by a mere woman.

This is the part of her that I would have loved to have seen in the first half versus foot stomping and running off into storms with no food, no horse, nothing.

Those looking for a poignant ending will definitely find one here.

A Dove at Midnight

As heir to the sought-after Oxwich Castle, Joanna has vowed never to love or take a husband, Rexanne Becnel is the author of more than twenty historical romance and contemporary mainstream novels, many of which miidnight on the USA Today bestseller list. Apr 06, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Nicole Miale Review Date: Yet soon the treachery of kings binds them together in unholy union and soul-deep desire, and Rylan must choose between his consuming love for Joanna and the treacherous game to which he has pledged his life.

If you want a book that is historical with good sexy romance and well drawn characters then read this book. Leza rated it it was amazing Jun 17, A Dove at Midnight by Rexanne Becnel was originally published in Want to Q saving…. The convent also keeps her safe from all other men. Open Preview See a Problem? The love scenes in this novel are extremely sensual and powerful, in part because of the emotional surrender they represent for the characters.


He is single minded about his task, believing Joanna will come around once she is wed. An enjoyable read, but due to how the heroine was portrayed, it became a ‘like’ versus a ‘love’.

According to the book you couldn’t fully take the veil until you were 20, unless you had a dowry. His very essence seemed to surround her until that was all there was. Be ready for some interesting dynamics that will go on between Joanna and Rylan The book has an interesting becne, backdrop.

A Dove At Midnight by Rexanne Becnel

I have always read romance novels and the Medieval period of history has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

A Dove at Midnight is a wonderful Medieval romance which pits two strong characters against each other in a classic battle of fierce will and passionate emotion. I’m all about having control over my own destiny, but it seemed out of place that the heroine had such a modern mindset regarding a woman’s place in the world. As in many Medieval romances, there is a distinct difference in both the age and experience of the hero and heroine.

A Dove At Midnight

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But, when they are waylaid by the king’ s men, Joanna finds herself in an even worse situation in the king’ s court.

When Rexanbe realized there was an entire sub-genre of romance novels set in this period, I was truly in heaven. Rylan Kemp I very rarely give a five star but this book deserves it. Especially if you enjoy historical drama. This started off so strong. I’ve waited for seven long years for somebody to write a DIK review of this book! When Rylan informs Joanna that she must return home and marry, she literally laughs in his face.

A king who doesn’t want Rylan near This started off so strong. Rylan begins plotting to get Joanna away from the John’s grasp.

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A Dove at Midnight by Rexanne Becnel

Doev with This Book. March 1, Publication Date: Joanna and her friend must marry men chosen for them based on political and monetary advantages.

Swearing eternal vengeance against a royal enemy, Sir Rylan Kempe, Lord of Blaecston, had ridden out in search of the Lady Joanna heir to Oxwich Castle and the only woman who could help his worthy cause. The sin would be to resign yourself to that godforsaken priory!

Rylan Kemp is one of the Yorkshire noblemen who is up in arms against King John of Robinhood fame for undue taxation and other atrocities. She lived at the priory chiefly because of witnessing something horrible in her childhood that convinced her she did not want to be under the control of a man or anywhere near her cruel father.

I enjoyed the first half of the book, but in the second half Joanne just annoyed me. But not this time. Plus she also has her childhood trauma to deal with.

Of course, Joanna is anything but cooperative given her extreme aversion to marriage and men. She is far from the plain, biddabledemure nun wannabe he expected. So that’s the crux of the “big misunderstanding”. She shook her head, not wanting to admit her cause was so hopeless. I kept waiting for the fabulous Sir Hiss from the Disney Robin Hood befnel to make rexwnne appearance, but was sadly disappointed.

He suspects something sinister,but Joanna will not confide in him.