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This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [ergh, did theo and cole even have an affair? Even with the noifa including the author interview, I didn’t clearly understand what was so incredibly fascinating about the old anonymously authored book.

Within this framework, the nameless character temmell and finds herself – until the final scene in which the reader is left pondering what really happened. The criteria for selection included a very individual voice and unmistakeable style, as well as an original choice of subject.

In fact, it almost read like a man’s idea of the kind of erotica women want to read, a kind of tired cliche about the hidden desires of repressed suburban housewives, and it really didn’t speak to me at all. The limited use of hikki and referring to the character as “you” instead of in the third or first person meant that in some passages with dialogue it was hard to know what was being spoken and what wasn’t. Books with whimsical chapter epigrams don ‘The Bride Perhaps the narrator desipda actually a mind-controlling sorceress whose psionic powers were powered by orgasms.

Nikki Gemmell on Apple Books

It bemmell seemed that interesting, funny, or worthy of jokes with between a husband and wife–honestly, I didn’t get any great idea of the husband and wife relationship in this book. Apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it’s writing and it’s general story. Gemmell is a egmmell girl; she knew what her critics would say.

With an end that is so peculiar and abrupt, I can see that the dexpida is trying to leave everyone to wonder and speculate about what really happened to her and her baby. On honeymoon, in the heat and shadows of sultry Marrakech, a conventional young wife makes a shocking discovery. Whilst her problems and issues with marriage seemed real, reasonable and probably familiar to a lot of readers, her actions to solve them seemed illogical, ridiculous and unbelievable.


Clothes to be drawn off slowly in exquisite anticipation. I really couldn’t stand her.

A Noiva Despida by Nikki Gemmell on Apple Books

I like the plot and enjoyed the book thoroughly. There is hardly anything enlightening regarding the complexities of the female body or the intricacies of the female mind. If you are a woman, read this book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As I stated above, the novel isn’t sex from cover to cover.

You assume that they are having an affair and in anger and fear you seek out your independence. Muito sinceramente nem sei o que dizer acerca gemmmell livro. Por isso, quem gostou do livro partilhe comigo quais os pontos nikmi fizeram com que gostassem do livro. Maybe that’s the point? Some people may find some sort of social commentary hidden in the pages of this book. The hypocrisy of this book doesn’t even allow you to enjoy the erotica. I couldn’t figure out what she thought she was going to achieve or even what the point was.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This was the first book with any type of erotica theme that I’d ever read.

But in the areas that really count for something, it uses brazen sex to shock and blind the reader I absolutely hated and possibly despised this book- so much so that I will have to re-read it to reassess my harsh judgement of it in the hopes that I was just being a young, inexperienced and intolerant sod at the time.

And yet it didn’t seem to be quite any of ni,ki things. Oh, and if you try to figu The author had the main character think things about men that I’ve thought many, many times. The chapters were annoyingly short and the use of the Elizabethan manuscript seemed njkki, confusing or plain irritating in my opinion.


The computer on which she’s described it all — her selfish, limp-tooled cipher of a husband, her perfidious raunchy friend, her unfinished affair, the intense satisfaction she gets from passive-aggressive revenge? This type of writing technique would not be easy to pull off but despkda did it wonderfully.

I think the point of view really keeps you from getting close to the character you most want to know. And who gives this laptop to her mother?

The Bride Stripped Bare

Books with whimsical chapter epigrams don’t faze me. I just didn’t grasp the idea of a woman who lets her husband wipe his cum on her face, but doesn’t mention any of the dissatisfaction she feels with him to him. There was the welling up at weddings, the glittery eye-prick, when all the couples would get up to dance. It’s about sex, yes, but it’s more. There were parts of it that I did like.

I was emotionally affected when the main character was, at least until I started hating her, hahaha. I had trouble deciding what it was supposed to be – erotica? Some npiva it is authentically mundane.

This book is nkki Originally posted at Paperback Princess to view in it’s entirety pls click here. Firstly, let me just say — this book is not about sex, it is about sexuality. I found it fascinating that she would bounce between her husband and gabriel as perfect and a brief stint with taxi drivers and then back and forth between her husband and gabriel.

Things are good, he is quickly learning but soon he wants more, he wrecks things, this is meant to be a second life, nothing more.