This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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Failure to Complete Medical Requirements. Its purpose is to manage and track physical examination actions of Air Force flying personnel, special AFIMedical Examinations Additional Uses of AF Form Individuals with changes in medical status are scheduled insttruction their commander or supervisor for a medical examination to determine eligibility for reenlistment.

Not pose a risk of sudden incapacitation.


Original to patient’s health record. Diverticulum of the esophagus which causes frequent regurgitation, obstruction, and weight loss, and does not respond to treatment. Establish health and dental records for each ARC member.

Remote or isolated duty. Whatever variation is used, it must provide the individuals a self-reporting tool to identify their health concerns and hsould be accomplished prior to the PHA i. Advises all health care providers on physical standards. Hypoplasia of the kidney, associated with elevated blood pressure or frequent infections or reduction in renal function.


C order of evaluation assignment

Review any entry in DA Form which recommends temporary or permanent geographic or climate assignment restrictions. AF Form is used to record findings when a periodic flying short examination is done.

Before this form is used, a reference audiogram must already be filed in the individual’s health record. AFROTC and US military academy examinees will, when found to have disqualifying blood pressure on initial examinations, be rechecked for a preponderance based on at least three readings at successive 1-hour intervals during a 1-day period.

frce Medical hold cannot be imposed after the date of separation or retirement has elapsed. Confirm repeatedly positive enzyme immunoassay by Western Blot. Individuals required to perform frequent and regular aerial flights must meet Flying Class III standards in Attachment 7. ARC members complete AF Form within 12 months of the date of last medical certificate for those years in which a medical examination is not required.

Pseudoisochromatic Plate PIP testing to determine color vision perception. Facsimiles for initial ACS evaluation are not acceptable.

Menopausal or premenstrual syndrome. This review is to identify those personnel who are on an unwarranted extended grounding, and to update the diagnosis and duration of DNIF on those flyers or special operational duty personnel whose medical status has changed. If performance of duty in the 12 months before scheduled separation or retirement is satisfactory, the member is presumed to be physically fit for continued active duty, separation or retirement, unless there is clear and convincing evidence to the contrary.

  HIOKI 3198 PDF

Pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. Current letter from member’s private physician or dentist. Final review and disposition of each case rests with the waiver authority specified in Attachment Coarctation of aorta, atrial or ventricular septal defect and other congenital anomalies unless satisfactorily treated by surgical correction.

Impairment of sphincter control with fecal incontinence. Atrioventricular block, other than first degree or asymptomatic Type I second degree AV block without structural heart disease. Joint ranges of motion which do not equal or exceed the following: Symptomatic mitral stenosis, generally associated with mitral valve area less than 1. Drug Abuse Reporting to commanders, social actions officers, and other responsible parties of active duty personnel identified as drug experimenters, users, or addicts.

Lungs and Chest Wall. Medical Examination for Flying: Term of Validity of Reports of Medical Examination: Once a complete medical history has been recorded on a SF Form 93, only significant items of medical history since the last medical examination are recorded. Normal blood pressure response.