ART OF COPPERSMITHING. A PRA C TIC A L TR EATlSE O N WO R KIN G S H EET. C O PPER IN TO A LL FO R M S. j O H N. F U L L E R,. S E. PU BLISHED . PAGE Historical Sketch of Copper u Braziers’ Art, or Light Coppersmithing 16 First Year’s .. 10; then close the whole up close ART OF COPPERSMITHING. Fio. Art Of Coppersmithing has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. Casey said: Read this while working at San Francisco’s Building Resources. The diagrams were cool and.

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Smooth again with a fine file, and fol- low with emery cloth wrapped around a stick, and finally smooth aart a piece of soft hemp-rope and fine emery, taking one hitch with the rope around it, Fig. When the pan is up enough smooth down the hammer marks with a smoothing-hammer and separate the blanks.

Now, in nearly all cases the sides are all cut out and furnished ready to be put together, and the bottoms also, which are already raised up at the edge some 3 or 4 inches, and therefore few boys or men trouble themselves as to the dimensions they ought to be, their only care being to put them together into shape as quickly as possible, which they proceed to do in the following manner: Now file up and trim the joint on the out- side and inside, taking off any sharp corners or knobs of spelter.

The pattern for the bottom may be the same as for the round-mouth scoop, or, as is sometimes done, made a little fuller, or to rise about i inch in the curve lf the mouth, as shown in Fig.

The invention of gunpowder and the intro- duction of bronze cannon, which were used in the fourteenth and fif- teenth centuries, added greatly to the increasing value and stimulated the production of copper, and srt civilization advanced the desire for a metal similar in its properties and beauty to gold and silver rapidly coppersmithihg until there is scarcely a branch of human industry where copper is not an important factor in the means of arriving at or secur- ing greater perfection.

Fish and turbot kettles were made shallow and similar to stew pans. Tea kettle handles were made in a variety of fashions as shown in Figs. I will now try to describe a brazier’s shop in an old country town, together with the tools used therein, and give such lessons in the art of braziery as I can recall to memory to assist coppfrsmithing far as practicable the learner to become profi- cient.

Copperzmithing swivel in the bail served to hang it by, where there coppersmithinb a bar in the chimney on which to hang the pot hook and rack, Fig. It often happens that a hole is worn through the lag of att saucepan or stew-pan by the constant rubbing on the kitchen hot-plate or scullery-sink.

When all is ready the case is filled with old, rough solder, burnt tin or any other suitable metal which cannot be used with advantage for anything else. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The top may be wired with a large wire, or an edge laid off square, to rest on the ring of the outside boiler, the bottom of the cup when hanging in place being about an inch above the bottom of the arr. The first record of the deposits is found in the missionary report of the Society of Jesus for In preparing this Fourth Edition, I have carefully examined the work and amended, transposed co;persmithing placed the figures spoken of in the coppersmithong close to each other so that both text and illustration are under the eye of the reader as much as possible.


Our first job at these and they were the first vessels we began and finished complete was a half dozen pints, three with lips and three without.

These are all of the heavy and most costly tools ; the bottom stakes and the various kinds of heads have bright faces and must be kept greased. In making lipped saucepans, Fig. To file and finish mount- ings is tedious work.

Art Of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise On Working Sheet Copper Into All Forms by John Fuller

The job must now be cleaned inside and out with a piece of nice soft rag, then commencing close up to the wiring edge with the hammer, begin to planish and follow each course around the body until the bottom is reached; then again clean it inside and out, and planish it over coppersmithinng to smooth and finish it.

The clamp see Fig.

These spherical floats have a long strig or lever made of copper soldered to them, having a square hole in it to fit on the square of the plug of a cock, as shown in Fig. The sides are to be razed in at both ends until the beige has a curve of about an inch ; then stag in the lag and put in the bottom, as indicated in Fig.

Next take it to a small bottom-stake and flatten the bottom with a mallet, and with a pair of compasses mark the size the bottom is to be when the bowl is in its finished shape, which will be 5 inches. If you have any interest in the knowledge and technique necessary to take sheet metals and transform them into elaborate and beautiful three dimensional shapes, whether or not you intend to act, this is the best book I’ve run across.

The pattern of the mouth is the same as in the last example, and has been already described. Now look at the corner marked B. The diagrams were cool and the level of detail was also inspiring.

The scoopet is made to correspond with the scoop. To find the size of the pattern or sheet to make a 4-gallon boiler we may proceed as follows: Then a line traced through the intersections thus established, as indicated by V W, will be the pattern joining the cone, as shown in the elevation from C to B. The handle is made of iron and from 20 inches to 2 feet long, with a hook at the end by which to hang it.

Art Of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise On Working Sheet Copper Into All Forms

It may be stated here, for the benefit of the learner, that the pro- portions of all vessels are in ratio to one another as the cubes of their diameters ; coppsrsmithing a coplersmithing who has the desire to become proficient and make an efficient workman, and understand the proper proportions of the work he is engaged at, should make himself conversant with solid geometry, and thus be prepared to work out any example in cubic proportion likely to be called for.

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Having the four patterns, we are now ready to proceed. Frying-pans have their sides raised up from a flat disk and are usually made from 9 to 15 inches in diameter at the rim and from 2 to 3 inches deep when finished. It may interest the reader to learn that in the old farm- houses of England, where the fire is made on coppersmthing on the hearth under an open chimney, the frying-pans used Fig.

They were supplied with a socket and wooden handle, japanned, oiled or polished. The general progress in education and the advances made on every hand were felt by the braziers, as well as others, and the surround- ing influences compelled them, though a little reluctantly, to keep pace with the advancing tide about them and acquiesce in coppedsmithing de- mand for more tasty and shapely goods.

It a boy has made himself useful during his first two years he has gained much valuable information for future application. Let us if a stewpan after the old-fashioned method, and coppwrsmithing show the difference between the old ocppersmithing new methods.

While the tinning process is going on the boy is busily scour- ing and preparing other vessels and keeping his weather-eye open to what is going on. The careful inspection of competent scientific men made those regions gradually known to the world, and practical miners who were drawn thither by the reports of mineral wealth soon discovered large blocks of copper permeated with silver.

This rule is observed to insure both handles being close and in a line with each other, so that the cook could grasp both han- dles together when necessary to move them about while in use. The work being of the same nature, a general description of them will avoid unnecessary repetition. Lipped saucepans are seldom made to hold more than 1 gallon. The east bench is continued along the south wail about half way and the remaining part taken up by thje heavy tools, such as beak-horns, shanks and side-stakes, along the wall.

If the side is to be grooved the pattern is tinned, planished, wired and the edges are turned, be- fore being formed into shape, after which the point is flattened and turned over, as shown in Fig.

After paying him his 3 shillings wages the good man seemed moved by pity, for he spoke the only kind word that had seemed to greet the boy’s ear excepting from his father during the week, and so the first week of the infant’s toil closed.

Let us make and finish for one gallon tea kettles, a spout and the several kinds of handles. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. The Tudor, represented in Fig. Inhowever, the crisis came, and of the then hundreds of nominally existing companies only six were found actually engaged in mining.