A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the original alternative ‘free’ school. SUMMERHILL A RADICAL APPROACH TO CHILD REARING By A. S. NEILL With a Foreword by Eric Fromm TO HAROLD H. HART I hope you will get a . Summerhill School. Neill founded Summerhill School in in Hellerau near Dresden, Germany. Today it is a boarding and.

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During this time, he decided that conventional education was oppressive and useless. Neill is only a rebel against society; his system can do nothing to weld society into a harmonious unit, cannot bridge the gulf between child psychology and the social ignorance of child psychology, between life and anti-life, school and home. I am convinced, however, that parents who have had to deal with only their own children know much less than I do.

Indeed, Neill does not try to educate children to fit well into the existing order, but endeavors to rear children who will become happy human beings, men and women whose values are not to have much, not to use much, but to be much.

A few years ago someone at a General School Meeting at which all school rules are voted by the entire school, each pupil summerhil each staff member having one vote proposed that a certain culprit should be punished by being banished from lessons for a week. The fact that Summerhill children are so exceptionally friendly-to visitors and strangers is a source of pride to my staff and me.

Charlie had been told that masturbation would make him impotent when he was a man, and his fear of impotence had affected him physically. A revised edition was edited by Albert Lamb and released by St. In Summerhill, our life is one of giving all the time.

Our boasted humanitarianism still allows public opinion to approve of the barbaric sport of hunting. And, of sunmerhill, with schools as they are just mass-production factories— what can a teacher do but teach something and come to believe that teaching in itself, matters most of simmerhill He argues for self-regulation, by which he means the freedom to live freely which does not mean doing anything.


The Times Literary Supplement During the s, it was inspected nine times. I do not want to be cured of my habit of choosing the colors orange and black; nor do I want to be cured of smoking; nor of my liking for a bottle of beer. Bailey wrote that Neill did not have full faith in self-regulation due to his emphasis on the necessity of making specific environments for children. She is highly skilled at her work; and more important, she is happy in it.

She sat in her room and wept bitterly simmerhill she told her story. To discus this matter clearly we must first understand the nature of freedom; and to do this we must differentiate between overt authority and anonymous authority. Despite this, he would flippantly remark that Summerhill was the only Christian school in England when its philosophy was summerhil with that of Christ. Even though Neill’s effect on the educational systems throughout the world has varied according to the particular time period and country, it has been said that Neill’s greatest influence has been on the thinking of parents.

If I were to found a school in a small town, attempting to make it a part of the community, what would happen? I argued my case: There is no deference to a teacher as a teacher. As headmaster of Summerhill, Neill taught classes in algebra, geometry, and metalworking. To us the university exams are anathema. On the Side of a.sneill Child: Parents tremble to think that x.s.neill twenty-one their son may not be capable of earning a living.

This is the play side of our teaching.

These were the children who had been properly brought up without parental lies and lectures. Neill Summerhill Free school movement Korczak’s orphanages. They merely speed up the process of re-education by beginning with a good spring-cleaning before the summer of freedom.

After all, it is the broad outlook that free children acquire that makes Self-government so important. He moved to England in and started Summerhill in Lyme Regiswhere the name came from the estate. Indifferent scholars who, under discipline, scrape through college or university and become unimaginative teachers, mediocre doctors, and incompetent lawyers would possibly be summefhill mechanics or excellent bricklayers or first-rate policemen.

A.S Neill – A.S Neill’s Summerhill School

I once brought forward a motion that swearing be abolished by law, and I gave my reason. Neill saw moral instruction as a wedge between natural instinct and conformity and thought children were best off without it. Hating compromise as I do, I have to compromise here, realizing that my primary job is not the reformation of society, but the bringing of happiness to some few children. The individual worker becomes merely a cog in this machine.


Six months later, if you wanted to find Tom you went to his room. When he was learning his job, I happened to meet his boss at a dinner party, and I asked how Tom was doing.

‘Summerhill’ by A.S. Neill

Curing a neurosis in a child is a matter of the release of emotion, and the cure will not be furthered in any way by expounding psychiatric theories to the child and telling him that he has a complex. You must have a try. My judgements were based on considerable fieldwork in the school itself, interviewing pupils and teachers; examination of extensive ‘independent evaluation’ launched by another group of experts; and an examination of the validity of the HMI inspection of sum,erhill school in March Richard Bailey placed Neill alongside William GodwinJean-Jacques RousseauVoltaireand Robert Owen in Thomas Sowell’s “unconstrained vision” tradition, where human potential is naturally unlimited and human development is dependent on environment and not incentives.

The few boys who want to have air guns in the school hate the law; but in the main, they conform to it. At such an appeal, the matter is considered more carefully, and generally the original verdict is tempered in view of the dissatisfaction of the defendant. Some progressive teachers may agree that when the child is young it is good not to impose any formal teaching.

Later on, skmmerhill got work in a film studio as a camera boy. Bailey also cited “adaptive preferences” literature, where human interests change based on their surroundings and circumstances, as evidence of how intrinsic interest can be externally influenced. A Record of Friendship: