They would probably be furious!! They probably Wouldn’t agree with most of the details given. Just as mentioned by the author “ it’s happened. Results 1 – 20 of 20 Crossing Over Translation Of Kannada Novel Datu. EAN; Publisher: Br Publishing Corporation / Brpc. Availability – Out of. Aavaranaa Kannada Novel Pdf Free Download by Daryljys, released 31 http:// Sri,Vidya,Avarana,Deities,And,Sri,Vidya,Vol,4,1st.

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This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat View all 17 comments. On the other hand, the writer’s original posit that the Truth [3] needs to be lannada has connected with the readers that it has seen repeated reprintings. B Argumentative, Thought Inducing, Opinionated First the research, it takes prodigious amount of research to come up with such a book and it takes humongous courage to write what S. The author uses the technique of story inside a story to get his point across and that worked extremely well as far as the book is concerned.

Interested in history of india. There has been accusations that Bhyrappa is a Hindu fundamentalist who zvarana to divide society on the basis of history, an allegation kannada Bhyrappa himself anticipates and tries to refute in the novel. This is not against anyone or any religion, it speaks about an unbiased narration of history and acknowledging the mistakes noveel wrong doings of the past. This book takes on a brave stand with unflinching truth on the atrocities and its consequences on the Indian culture.

Aavaranaa Kannada Novel Pdf Free Download | sontiwasackdep

Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! Yet India has not only survived but thrived and as hitchens put it — there will always be an India. If not anything, this book inspires you to read History before believing anything propagated by the masses.


No one likes to admit that their religion has an unpleasant past or an unpleasant passage in its holy book. It is a resource, most of all, for living intelligently. In an ideal academic setting different ideas are encouraged to, at least allowed to contest against one another with reason and evidence. This book came as a b’day gift from my wife and kids on Dec I have gifted a few copies to some of my friends, and I’ll certainly gift this book to any girl in India I know, is going to marry a person practicing an another religion.

Temples did get destructed in an era and we must accept that. Seminars have been and are being held on his novels, and volumes of literary criticism have been published on his works.

ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A generation centuries should not have to pay for mistakes that were committed long back. Lastly thanks a ton to Sandeep Balakrishna for such an excellent translation. However, what should we say about the people who wilfully distort history and present it to the masses in a way it suits their needs?

Extensive research by the author, engaging narration and crisp translation are all positives. Picked this on an impulse while travelling to Hampi, for I knew it has some relation with the place.

She is empowered by the knowledge she gains to stand in the face of her previous allies and show them in black and white what is painted as grey throughout modern times. How many of us remember reading good amount of history about the Vijayanagar empire.

I discovered Aavarana through the article Rending the veil of historical negationism in India on the IndiaFacts portal. Please try again later. Aavarana is a thought provoking and compelling read. After marriage, her troubles with the husband due to religious incompa Aavarana is a thought provoking and compelling read. Excellent story and Narration. Comics And General Novels. Book is an eye opener! I had heard about S. I dont want to tell it.


Refresh and try again. The second historical novel by celebrated Kannada author S. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Nothing has oppressed post WW2 world than the followers of Mao and Stalin.

And they are natural partners because both promise utopia after bloodbath.

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Travelling has been his paasion since childhood and he has travelled nnovel the globe touching the glaciers of poles, forests of Amazon, deserts of Africa, bustling cities of Europe and the United States. No trivia or quizzes yet. One of Bhyrappa’s best books. She even agrees reluctantly to Amir’s request that she convert to Islam, as a formality and change her name to Razia.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Indian history has been a victim of vandalism by Leftist historians right from the time of India’s Independence from the British.

Bhyrappa is widely regarded as the greatest living novelist in Kannada. However, truth has a nasty way of showing up despite all veils of lies, misinformation, narratives and propaganda. They never said novell nothing like the holocaust happened.

The Veil raises pertinent and searching questions about religion, liberalism and identity and highlights the importance of unshackling oneself from the bonds of false knowledge.

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It is surprizing to know there are critizisms to the book when the views and facts in the book are backed by absolute reasonings and evidences. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The moment I got to know about Avsrana being translated by Sandeep B, I went ahead and placed a preorder.