Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos (Coleccion Millenium) by Consuelo Carrillo Diaz at – ISBN – ISBN . Books By Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. Most Popular Books. Bendiciones Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos. Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. from: N/. Results 1 – 16 of 18 by Gutierrez Lopez Abel Alfredo and Letechipia L Consuelo . Bendiciones y milagros / Blessings and Miracles (Coleccion Millenium).

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Consider this as an invoice bendickones the voiceless; those not fortunate enough to gaze upon the suffering of others from the comfort of a computer screen. This is not fear, this people has suffered so much along their lives and now the Lord award them with an earthquake.

My family has lived and worked in the country of Haiti for many years and there are many Christian and relief organizations that have spent years milagos years there trying to help. Ocnsuelo drop the idiotic,rude and condescending remarks about prayer. But since praying doesn’t achieve anything, it’d be better for the man to actually do something. Dear God, thank you because every day you allow me to feel your work in my life; My successes and my triumphs I build in your name, because without your presence in my life nothing would be possible, Amen.

Isn’t that what we do as humans enough. Doctors Without Borders is one, the Red Cross is another. Si usted cree en Dios, pues, puedes dar sus oraciones. Oh My Allah, please, help these people!!!!!! And now you pray for these people that got screwed by your GOD in the first place?? The claim that those who ask people to pray are not contributing, volunteering, or donating is groundless.


If you doubt the effectiveness of prayer, you’ve never had a seriously ill family member recover when there was no hope.

This earthquake is truly a benchmark tragedy of my generation. And for the record, yes, it does bendiciojes people to know that others are praying for them. If you want to help these people send them aid, encourage your country to do something about it or go there and help them yourself. Jesus, hopefully they will get help as much as they need and there will be no more disaster that cause anything like this.

Disease will soon come due to all of the dead bodies and the lack of facilities and utilities.

Earthquake in Haiti – Photos – The Big Picture –

Find a place where you can help- and focus that negative energy that you’re wasting sitting at home in your comfertable milagrox, get up, and go do something to help. Too often it’s far to easy to read them as news stories and not see the impact on real people.

After all the economic carnage of recent times and nations pulling back from globalization, this is a moment that requires total global involvement and commitment. I request you all to send your donations so that the poor people can be helped there This could just as easily happen anywhere in the world, including here in the northeastern U.


Lithium placental Passage and Obstetrical Outcome: It was tectonic plates grinding together, nothing more. Do what you can for them. Should we wait for another earthquake? May The Lord shine His face on the beleaguered Haitians,give them milagdos and wisdom to overcome this tragedy.

William Miller, RN The US has a lot of obligations around the world, but we mustn’t forget to try to make our own hemisphere a better place to live as well.

Bendiciones y milagros

The soccer team of Brazil loves you A Christian friend from my church gave up a promising directing career and moved there with his wife and children to help educate the Haitian people. Please grant us the gift of a new life, fill our hearts with peace, our minds with your wisdom and our homes of love and understanding. D and buried at leastpeople. Stand tall and have courage Haitians – this too shall pass He also promises to never give us more on our plate than we can handle.

Everyone DOES need to pray. Where has the world and all the consueli believers been?