List of Characters in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Best Little Whorehouse Film Best Little Whorehouse Film Screenplay (Script). s, Texas. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas movie on AUDITIONS-The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Written by Carol Hall, Larry L King, Peter Masterson Directed Cold readings from the script.

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He gives the television crusader an earful as well, using language which is, to say the least, not very polite. Didn’t he tell you that?

I don’t think my girls would be either!

Lord, I hope not. Let’s hear it, Melvin!

I think it’s a good idea. Having the same performers playing roles on both sides of the moral divide confused things for me, reducing the characters to mere ciphers.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The (1982) Movie Script

I designed this myself. Thorpe has galvanized into action, and is soon obliged to admit that the legendary Texas brothel must be shut down. I sure hope you come up north to visit Miss Mona and me.


The city planning commissioner was drivin’ a city car All this publicity’s makin’ folks think twice about signin’ that petition. It’s just time to pay the fiddler, that’s all. You know Miss Mona.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Even after all these years we’ve been meetin’ like this? The Scrript hits Melvin with a bylaw, forcing him to pack up his cameras and move out.

I swear, you make that whorehouse sound like a damn nonprofit recreational facility. Always yellin’ and jumpin’ about and sayin’ “yee-ha”. You gotta do somethin’. Did I say “illegal”? Mona, we’ve been together a long time. They have to go for all the marbles, they will have to throw right now. He’s just a good old boy that ain’t never gonna grow up.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The () Movie Script | SS

Nowadays women enjoy doin’ that sort of thing themselves. You don’t know the trouble you’ve caused! I hope I’m not If you know that for a fact, Mr Newspaper Editor I don’t know what to do now.


How can I ask her to leave when all I want her to do is stay? King Peter Masterson Get the script Rent digital perusal.

Now, you see here, CJ! Skip to content August 18, September 15, jmay They want me to close her down, run her out of town. You may be right. FriendshipLovePoliticsSports. You think, if we close the doors, just went on as planned, that’d be all right? But you show up with your TV camera and give them a little bad publicity