The internationally acclaimed Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s novel Anthills of the Savannah () is set in the fictional West-African country Kangan in the. Anthills of the Savannah. Chinua Achebe. Published ONE. _First Witness– Christopher Oriko__. ‘YOU’RE WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME, Mr. Anthills of the Savannah has ratings and reviews. Blood River by Tim Butcher Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe The Poisonwood Bible by.

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Major Sam is a proud man who sees the civilian folks as mere appendages and puppets.

The nation of Kangan, and by chinus, Africa or Nigeria is not an exception. In fact, he is assassinated after this outing. The reader needs some background information on the cultural and political history of Nigeria during this time of which I am woefully ignorant.

Ikem is driven by compassion for Kangan’s underclass.

Anthills Of/Savannah

Inhe got an admission into University College, Ibadan in Southwest Nigeria where he was intent on reading Science and Medicine, but he soon changed to Literary Studies and received his Bachelor of Arts in English in Although we often see Beatrice helping Chris to fine-tune his political antenna, as far as Ikem is concerned, Elewa is only reserved for sexual gratification.

For this reason, Head of State asks Chris to prepare a sack letter to be sent to Ikem but Chris refuses. We don’t hear much about her in the novel. Again, we should not forget the fact that one of the tactics of every successive military government, especially after a coup, is to sympathise with the plight of the people in order to gain acceptance and legitimacy.


The lack of chronology left me spinning in circles and his philosophical arguments were beyond my reach. Beyond all of these, I see it as Achebe’s “love-letter” to women folk. Oct 25, Jen rated it did not like it. It is amazing to know that Ikem and Chris come to talking terms when Major Sam’s regime becomes a threat to their lives and that of the entire nation.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Somehow I feel as if I’ve committed a crime by rating an Achebe book like this–big Chinua Achebe fan. But it was already too late for Chris to resign his post. The people ask the government to help but the government refuses.

En dat betekent dat zijn jeugdvrienden steeds bedreigender voor hem worden en eigenlijk moeten verd Drie jeugdvrienden worden invloedrijke personen in een fictief Afrikaans land.

It felt savannau in some parts, and there was definitely not much humour in it, despite my prof’s claim that it had a satirical bent in places. Expectedly, she speaks Pidgin English which is a lingua franca of the lower-class and semi-illiterate society.

This is a curious one — it begins so intriguingly like the best of political satires, and ends as a bundle of cliches and unambiguous ambiguities.


Summary and Analysis of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | Molare Oumar –

Also by Chinua Achebe. Corruption Anthills of the Savannah also x-rays all forms of corruption—political, moral and social—among the ruling elites. He is actually a friend in deed. Remember me on this computer.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

Ironically, some of the most profound statements are made by these characters, acjebe the novel is concluded on a question phrased to an English-educated Beatrice from Ikem’s girlfriend in this dialect. Even when Major Sam demands his confirmation or objection to his fears, Attorney-General speaks more than needed.

Critical Approaches to Anthills of the Savannah. Jun 11, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. There is antjills doubt that his revelation will put more strain in the relationship between Major Sam and his boyhood friend, who is now his adulthood enemy.

She visits Bassa, the Capital of Kangan for a fact finding mission.

He is more or less a recluse. The rest is a meandering, third-rate political satire that nobody has asked for, and that nobody can learn from. The story was slow, and I never got a grip of any of the characters.