For The Emperor: A Ciaphas Cain Novel [Sandy Mitchell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite his yearnings for a peaceful and simple. For The Emperor (Ciaphas Cain Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sandy Mitchell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. : Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor: Warhammer (Audible Audio Edition): Sandy Mitchell, Stephen Perring, Black Library: Books.

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Hero of the Empire or an egotistical craven who blundered his way to glory? There are other subreddits for that.

I first read it about a decade ago, when I was in college, and I just reread it for at least the seventh or eighth time, and still ciapas it. If you can’t get to the point in a few paragraphs, it might not be worth posting. There is no peace amongst the stars, only tbe eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of meperor gods.

This is my first Warhammer experience, and the intro listed above gives one a much different feeling than what would follow and yes Warhammer fans, I know the Cain series is an oddity in that regard.

I adore this book and I ths this series, and I keep coming back to it time and time and time again. A bit more comical touch than most Warhammer books, but after having read so much of Space Marine drama and idiocy, he is a refreshing character.

Their comrades in arms are legion: Ciaphas Cain 10 books.


He even somewhat gets the girl in the end. Cain and Vail have to find their way back to the surface, relying on Cain’s innate sense of direction in an underground environment.

Dec 20, Andy rated it really liked it. Cani must also be a “reasonable length”, page long direct copies are not permitted. Some might appreciate this, and I thought it was creative, but I also found it disruptive to the flow of the story.

For the Emperor (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

There, that is all. As for the Tau, to general surprise, they are abandoning Gravalax. Jurgen has a skin disease psiorasis. This novel covers the Gravalax campaign and will be referred to often in the upcoming books of the series. For example, the heroic act of going back for a fallen soldier seems a lot less heroic when you find out that from his view point, he saw something horrible ahead, retreated and decided a human shield was the appropriate way of keeping himself alive.

I brought The Traitor’s Hand anyway, thinking she just had writer’s block after after the success of the first novel, but I didn’t get more than half way through that either. Nothing like that between us. And when he gets out of it he’s hailed a hero of the Imperium. She was smiling, a plate of finger food in her hand. If the book removed the introduction of the inquisitor and was about the regiment overcoming their history and the conflict on the planet it might have worked better.

May 28, Ubiquitousbastard rated it it was ok Shelves: This first book in the series was excellent. There is some good moment-to-moment action and fun dialogue, but there really isn’t a lot of interesting stuff happening in the overall story being told.


Just then they are rushed by a brood of purestrains, and have caphas fight their way through. Overall, I really love the book, and will recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story of war.

For The Emperor

Strangely this isn’t a bad thing. Because, he explains, it was safer. This new series recounts the adventures and exploits of Ciaphas Cain as he tries to fake and smooth talk his way empero of what he thinks are dangerous and life-threatening situations.

While the novel suffers from some pacing issues, and newcomers to Warhammer will no doubt need references to the material, For The Emperor is a constantly entertaining read with a shockingly fascinating lead. For a moment they argue over whether he really knows where he’s going, putting him in mind of “a ciaphax of juvies on a disappointing date” — an image so incongruous with their situation that both of them burst into hysterical laughter.

It’s out later this year. Kasteen and her subordinates are skeptical, but he lightly reminds them that another Commissar would have happily ordered wholesale executions to restore discipline, and that the Departmento Munitorum would be equally pleased to re-designate the regiment as a Penal Legion.