INFORMATION SECURITY (CS) TWO MARK QUESTIONS AND .. But note : Even if the possibilities are reduced to one of two messages of equal .. SECURITY TME: am – am SUB CODE: CS CLASS / SEM: ME / I . NE Networking And Information Security Notes. Click Below Links to CP Advanced Operating System Notes. CLICK BELOW LINK. SE Object Oriented Software Engineering NOTES CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS NETWORK SECURITY NOTES.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. How does false reject rate differ from false accept rate? The locks and keys technique combines features of access control lists and capabilities. An intrusion is a type of attack on information assets in which the instigator attempts to gain entry into a system or disrupt the normal operations of a system with, almost always, the intent to do malicious harm.

PGCSEMATERIALS: SE Object Oriented Software Engineering

Signature based IDSs, also known as knowledge based IDSs, examine data traffic for patterns that match signatures, which are pre-configured, predetermined attack patterns. It is the risk that remains to the information asset even after the existing control has been applied.

If an individual user can set an access control securitt to allow or deny access to an object, that mechanism is a discretionary access control DACalso called an identity-based access control IBAC. An agent obtains information from a data source or set of data sources. Lecturf this level, the testers have access to the system and can proceed to log in or to invoke network services available to all hosts on the network such as electronic mail.

Posted by Unknown at Risk Identification is conducted within the larger process of identifying and justifying risk control known as risk management. It is a plan or course of action, as of a government, political party, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions and other matters.


Honey pots are decoy systems, which means they are designed to lure potential attackers away from critical systems. What is threshhold scheme? What is social engineering?

Explain about the Nonlattice Information Flow Policies. Differentiate between authentication policy and issuance policy. It is a detailed description of activities that occur during an attack.

A virtual machine is a program that simulates the hardware of a possibly abstract computer system. TEMPEST is a technology that prevents the nots of data that may result from the emissions of electromagnetic radiation. State the methods of identifying and assessing lexture management.

A Phreaker hacks the public telephone network to make free calls. A noisy covert channel is a covert channel that uses a resource available to subjects other than the sender and receiver, as well as to the sender and receiver. Who is a cyberterrorist? It is the action of luring an individual into committing a crime to get a conviction. How does civil law differ from criminal law? The notifier accepts information from the director and takes vs9224 appropriate action.

What is Hash function?

What is network fingerprinting? Consumer control of medical information. Steganography is the process of hiding information, and while it is not properly a form of securkty, it is related to cryptography in that both are ways of transmitting information without allowing it to be revealed in transit.

Explain about the Compiler-Based Mechanisms.

CP – High Performance Computer Networks – JUNE question paper (Type version)

Information flows from each of the xi’s to y. It is usually used on an exit,where it is essential for human safety in the event of a fire.

List the components used in security models. Kecture is Clean desk policy? The set A of authentication information is the set of specific information with which entities prove their identities. Systems represent user identity in a number of different ways.


Explain Staffing the security in detail. However, the information can be viewed at several levels.

Typically, they are 1. Elaborate on risk assessment and infomration documentation of its results. Draw the use of an SPI to check for corrupted files.

Write the types of Security Policies. Brief the Biometrics common charecteristics.


What are the communities of interest? Write the covert channel. Execution-Based Mechanisms The goal of an execution-based mechanism is to prevent an information flow that violates policy. What is the use of Digital Certificates? Write the trusting that mechanisms work requires several assumptions. This signature is believed to be unique in securihy same way that written signatures are unique Caution – Because biometrics measures characteristics of the individual, people are tempted to believe that attackers cannot pose as authorized users on systems that use biometrics.

Access control affects the securitg of the server in two ways. What is a database? A user who does only word processing when using the computer is unlikely to perform a system maintenance function. What does a typical lnformation look like?

A commercial security policy is a security policy developed primarily to provide integrity. The state of a system is the collection of the current values of all memory locations, all secondary storage, and all registers and other components of the system.