Section 1: Using this manual. Section 2: Features. RD Receiver. Battery Charging. DSX9 Transmitter Features (Front). DSX9 Transmitter Features (Rear). Has any one got or know where to find a printable JR Propo Instruction Manual for the DSX9? I have downloaded the PDF file from the. Filename: jr dsx9 manual. Date: 12/10/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tempplen. File checked: Kaspersky.

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I am certain that we will send out corrected supplementals to the model shops as we know exactly how many they took on phase 1 and hopefully they will send them on to the end customer. The stick should normally be all the way down at switch on, as that’s what defines the trigger position for the timer.

Details are in the manual, which you can download. I find it very easy to use having had a JR and a DX7 effectively the same transmitters. You can use PayPal to send the money. They have a sailplane setup available to download there. For me, that makes it the most future proof.

Mar 29, With it in place, the timer arms automatically when the Tx is switched on.

I used to say “no big deal” to people who compained that JR lack the capability to start the timer with the throttle stick, but now I’ve tried it I see the point. I am very pleased with the set and especially the receiver. That supplemental leaflet shouldn’t have gone out like that LOL Just four easy-to-access connection points. Any questions, email Jaro at the address shown on the website. What are you trying to accomplish by wanting to connect it elsewhere?


Try holding both and see which suits you best. Originally Posted by jdr43 Thank you, I sent Jaro a pm asking the question. Oct 19, Where to buy Matched Cells in the UK. Would it be possible to use the throttle cut switch instead of the trainer switch? It is so easy. Sep 04, On the DX6I you can assign the timer function to any switch, I prefer the throttle cut button. Remember Me Forgot Password? There is a big debate on RCGroups about the DX8’s apparent inability to control crow braking, I did not follow that one to the end.

Please do keep your comets coming as I’m building up my knowledge It is the only transmitter I know that can keep being upgraded by downloading a file from t’internet. Also compare available mixes, model types and consider which of these you will need goign forward.

Took about 10 days to get to me after I ordered it. PS, I see that the system cutoff parts of what I wrote as a description for some mznual the attached pictures. The DX8 is designed to support airplanes and helicopters with sophisticated programming functions and features.

As is being aluded to over several posts here, it really depends on where you are going to go with the type of models you build.

It is one of several projects for the same transmitter, the links to the others are on the page. That will take some digging on your part as to the types of mixes and model types on offer in both.

JR PCM9XII/DSX9/X – Automatic switching of timer by throttle stick – RC Groups

Between what is left and the pictures you should get what I was saying but if not ask me. The timer in the X is like this, it is linked to throttle stick position, NOT throttle channel output.

  KBPC10 005 PDF

Hope someone can help settle a debate? I know, but it was decided to release the system immediately instead of having to wait for the supplemental manual to be rewritten, proof read and then sent to the printers. Why doesn’t JR build this capability into the TX? Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve either forgotten to turn on or off that timer. Hello All Well we have waited long enough but she has now arrived This really is a nitpick thing though.

JR ProPo DSX9 Manuals

I think this shows the glider capabilities and limitations. Installing the engine and radio systems. Power levels are only a small part of the requirement the power limits are established manula ENplus there is the Low Voltage Directive which is encompassed in the EN testing.

Namely to make the connection between wire 4 and 6 a jumper and eliminate the wire on 6. Nov 07, Jumper 1 determines if the timer circuit starts up automatically on start up or not.

Hmm, depends I guess on whether you value telemetry, or the extra channel – as thats about the only significant difference. I’m happy to confirm that the module does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It was suggested in the instructions to use foam mounting tape but it wasn’t going anywhere, so I didn’t see the need for it.

The DSX9 looks great! I have a smoke pump and avoid me to turn the transmitter on having this particular switch on!!!! I would manjal to purchase the timer for a dx6i.