One of the most unique devices of , the ASUS Eee Note EA is an 8-inch shade grayscale slate that’s designed to focus squarely on. Hi All, I think the title speaks for itself. I am searching everywhere for the Asus Eee Note EA after it was recommended to me yesterday on. The Asus Eee Note isn’t a tablet replacement and it lacks some fancier features. However, what it does, it does well and it is priced.

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After launching the camera app, you get a preview window and a menu with a zoom and capture button. I also hate the touch controls at the bottom also hated them on the irex drs ASUS however has completely dropped the ball on this as many writes.

Asus Eee Note

Bubble Breaker and Sudoku are two casual games. I wrote to them to complain about the delay and they wrote me back saying that it should be available in June in North-America.

The Asus eee Note EA runs on a Linux based operating system, so it is a departure from most tablets out there that run Android. The second-part shows the camera and other apps, along with a brief view of the hardware. Which Apple iPad is best for you? For 1, it is good. You ea00 connect up to the internet via WIFI and can access both open and protected networks.

I need it for college. Is anybody selling theirs or knows of a place where I can buy one? Meanwhile, the scraping noise made by our stylus touching the screen practically drowned out the conversation. I have looked for the EA on a ton of different websites. They do have different difficultly settings and are basic iterations of the same games you have played on different platforms.


The page navigation button three bullets on the icon lets you either see a thumbnail menu of different pages in your document or see a slider to slide back and forth between pages.

Review of the Asus EEE Note EA800 Tablet PC

Most importantly, it’s great for handwriting notes – no more paper notebooks for me. Browser is the test version only — to use it practically impossibly. Excellent product for taking notes and reading books. I do better when things are all inside one device and I ea8800 seem to find anything like this!

Review of the Asus EEE Note EA Tablet PC

One of the drawbacks is that the case and the unit are interlocked. The sync software is very basic and easy to use and allows you to store content both on the internal flash memory and the microSD card. Asus has released images of its up-coming DR eReader device, and it’s looking gorgeous – although the ‘in-the-wild’ shots appear to be of a non-functional prototype. What is my general expresion? The EA has a 2. That means even if you wrote on a lined page, the lines won’t be there when you look at the GIF it spits out yes, they are output as GIFs.

Below you’ll find two hands-on videos with the Eee note EA This device is actually more comparable to an e-reader than a tablet in our minds. We’d prefer something better like PNG. However, Asus said that they are looking in to options that might enable this in the future. Someone with good handwriting or drawing skill will get even better results than we did.


Your name or email address: Asus tries to muscle in on the media player market with this dinky little device. The bottom row of buttons has a forward arrow, home button, and back arrow. There are no less than 42 templates available ranging from college ruled paper, to advanced options such as pie axus and various calendars. A digitiser is a type of touchscreen, but unlike your average touchscreen, a digitiser is pressure sensitive and requires the use of a special stylus.

In the end, axus device has the bare bones apps you would expect out of a work and student device.

Lets talk about the battery life; it really only gives you around 13 hours from our tests doing fa800 tasks and can be enhanced if you turn the WIFI off. Asus seems to have found itself a niche category azus more, and as long as you understand the limitations of the Eee Note it should prove to be a very useful device for those that are looking for something more than just an ebook reader. Yes, my password is: