The present book authored by Genet Ayele reveals that Colonel Mengistu is writing a book about his life, the Revolution and Ethiopian history. Firmness by Major General Hussein Ahmed, and Reminiscences of Lt. Mengistu Haile Mariam, by. Genet Ayele Anbessie. The Red Terror was unleashed by the. The book was written by Genet Ayele, a former journalist who used to own the company publishing Beza and other magazines in Addis Ababa.

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– “Genet Ayele Anbese” – Books

I find this part to be engaging and mind-stimulating. By the way be grateful to us as we are the one who liberated you from derg. You were not capable of liberating yourself from slavery and we gave you freedom.

The Jewish people had immigrated to Ethiopia three times en mass- the first was when Moses was still alive years ago. This proved ayyele you were not as farsighted as you gave the impression to be.

For instance, it is rumored that some people had teased you when you were young on the basis of the dark tone of your skin. Your right to know!. According to what I read and heard about her, she was gentle and God-fearing.

In part one, the Colonel touches many subjects speaking briefly about Major Dawit Wolde-giorgis, Emperor Haile-selassie, Ex-prime Minster Endalkachew Mekonen, the late Oromo leader Baro Tumssa, the Felasha, Robert Mugabe, Garbachov and Paul Henze, He also airs his views on power and African leaders, Derg and democracy, his opponents, the EPRDF court that gave him death sentence, remorse and forgiveness, betrayal, his security officers, his counselors, those injured in war, Somalia, and last, the book he is currently writing.

If you pass away without telling your life history truthfully, it will remain shrouded in mystery for eternity. His name simply appeared in a sentence among a number of other names. You were sober and decisive at critical moments such as the invasion of Ethiopia by Somalia. Ethiopia detains 36 spy officers over corruption, rights abuses. She also lost two brothers in battlefields.


Worst of all, you fled Ethiopia leaving her to the adversaries you had been fighting against, besides abandoning your comrades who trusted you and were willing to die for you. In not dedicating a chapter or two to her, the author of this book, Genet Ayele has missed a wealth of information the former first lady would have shared with her on herself, her husband, her children, and most of all, on the Ethiopian Revolution.

It is important that you include such details in your autobiography. Let me start with the death of Emperor Haile Selassie. Your judgment was fair in some situations that called for fair judgment.

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His good wife is pious. Dear Colonel, you fled without shooting even a bullet. Nor did you allow your family members and friends to do so. It ayeld only you who can record your life history best as long as you are alive.

Besides your life, you are writing on Ethiopia history. Would the Colonel now put his feet in the shoes of such unfortunate Ethiopians and feel their pain and anguish? Since you were possessed with the urge to kill, the conscious people of Ethiopia knew that he was your next target. Genet, let me give you this assignment for the future. Leaving aside the tens of thousands of people who perished in the cities and war-fronts under your leadership, let me ask you a question about the killings of your own comrades.

You can order from the publisher or buy it at stores when the publisher announces its release. Genet, the author, who is living in France, added Wro. In enjoyed them a lot.

The Recent, 2nd book of Genet seems to be clearing some shaky events after the first book publication. You were articulate, yet absolutely attentive while others spoke, a quality which enabled you to summarize the ideas of others and make them your own if you liked the ideas and were new to you.


I like your insight here. As it was tired of fighting, it would have abided by the arrangement that would have been made with the coup makers.

In the first volume of his reminiscence, the Colonel was accusatory, emotional and angry at everyone including his former comrades, his adversaries and the EPRDF Government.

Besides, Genet also mentioned that he was well protected by Zimbabwe government security officers. From athletics to the boardroom. Of course, the immediate loss was to their family. The domino effect of gdnet execution. If it broke the deal, it would continue fighting eternally. It is obvious that it has cost her a fortune.

Ethiopian author Genet Ayele creates Amharic Computer

Granted this was so, I think the main reasons were his leadership ability and audacity. In your interview with Weyzero Genet in this latest book you have said that you were not around when the Emperor died, and you were as surprised as everyone about the news. I gather that she spent her own hard-earned money to write and publish it. In this same book, you state that the Felashas were Ethiopians through and through.

While this may have some germs of truth, it is impossible to absolve you completely, because the facts indicate that you were the principal architect that instigated openly and behind the scene their execution, particularly after the death of General Aman Andom.

Kibru Publishers Pages August 13,