Examples are all over the Internet, but be aware that FaxDispatch does not go into /etc, but rather into /var/spool/hylafax/etc. Hylafax Faxdispatch I have a question about hyalafax faxdispatch. Default FaxDispatch file – routes all inbound faxes to FaxMaster as PDF. |FaxDispatch| isn’t on |/var/spool/hylafax/etc|. Where can I find it? > FaxDispatch needs to be created by you. If it was contained in the package then it would.

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You can use a modified subnet address to let everyone on your network submit faxes to the server.

[hylafax-users] hylafax does not send mails after fax-reciving

You should now be returned to the shell prompt. Next, a box will pop up for you to name the port. When done, save the file and exit the editor.

Press enter to answer yes Since we have not set up a modem already, faxsetup will prompt you to run ‘faxaddmodem’. You can do it by: The non-default scheduler values will then be displayed followed by a confirmation prompt. Faxdispafch, accept the default yes answer to run faxmodem on your newly configured modem to verify settings. If you are not allowing local network users to use this fax server, you can skip this section. Windows On windows you would use this Win print Hylafax software.

FaxDispatch can now be used to give the received faxes to the right users. The groub bits thus control the uid permissions while the other bits control the other permissions. Even if your modem supports both Class 1 and Class 2 faxfispatch should set it to Class 1 to ensure compatibility with all fax machines.


It is also possible to configure sudo to allow the uucp user to change a file to any group by adding the following lines hyafax the sudoers file:. The recipient will receive the fax as an e-mail attachment. For example, if your using a network has addresses in the range And to enable enough time for it to send we can issue this command which will use ttyS0 modem and will expire in 24 hours. No Dial Tone Adding dial string 9 then pause then number to config file solved the problem See “PBX, Dial 9 before number” section and if you need more details on options see http: Once you have a fax-modem connected to your system see more about connecting a faxdipatch to your Debian faxduspatch on the Modems page you install the HylaFAX package with the command:.

You can list your pci cards by doing the following. Just press Enter to accept the default values as they are a result of the modem query and the class you selected. Modify the fxadispatch to allow sufake the faxrcvd and cleanup. The driver found the fourth port on the card, but couldn’t use it because all four ports ttyS0-ttyS3 were already in use that’s what the “” error means.

Just press Enter to accept the default values as they are a result of the modem query and the daxdispatch you selected. I was getting following logs which I will include here for reference.


[hylafax-users] hylafax does not send mails after fax-reciving

Because there is no way to address a fax to a given individual in an organization i. Configuring Email to Fax with Exim The email vaxdispatch the first page and all attachments will be sent as additional pages, however handling of the attachments is not perfect, in particular jpeg. Add this to your config. If you can not or do not want to use the apt repository, you can download the packages directly from the following directory:. Answer No when asked if you want to configure another modem.

Hylafax’s faxaddmodem seemed to have configured it correctly. HylaFax last modified You will then be asked for values specific to the modem.


There has been numerous cases where a setup is fine but the virtual environment causes failures that are hard to diagnose. It’s not necessary or required to change the homedir back. Fax sending and receiving is very time critical.

Discussion HylaFAX, an advanced open source fax server. For some reason busy signal gets labeled as no carrier detected.

PDF, or PostScript file. The maximum number of the serial ports you can set the kernel boot to is 16,if you need more, kernel hyladax.