THEORIES OF INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT. PISMP Wan Nur Amalina Wan Mansor Fuzilla Ayub Salwa Wahidan Nur Asyiqin Mohd Razli. JACOB. Models of classroom discipline and its application The Kounin Model (Group Management) By Jacob Kounin; 3. Introduction to Kounin’s Model. Choice Theory. William Glasser Systems Theory. Solution Kounin, Jacob S. ( ) Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms. Holt, Rinehart and.

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Discipline and group management in classrooms. The teacher should have communicated to all koknin the expectations and can have these displayed so everyone can be “with-it”.

In a high school setting, a teacher needs to incorporate all of the aspects of Kounin’s philosophy in their teaching practice.


These videos contain things you should avoid in dealing with student. In order for implementation to be effective the teacher must be well organized, communicate their expectations to their students, and hold them responsible for their actions to encourage motivation and attention. I saw many of his methods used by my Practicum teacher back in the spring.

Group focus – This strategy can be implemented in several ways: Overlapping — As I teach a lesson I am able to point out ideas as I walk across the classroom, to monitor the students. Valuable instructional time is often wasted in the process of the teacher moving the class from one instructional activity to the next.

He learned that teachers were always receiving similar responses from kounih students no matter how they reacted to misbehavior in the classroom. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Many times, a teacher can get distracted and leave a topic open and not come jacobb to it until later, which can be confusing to students.


Why is classroom management important? Briefly acknowledging student misbehavior at first detection to let the student and the class know that the teacher is aware, thus preventing an escalation of the misbehavior.

This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Retrieved from ” https: A lesson with smoothness will transition between activities effortlessly, without confusion or abruptness. Another example, if the teacher is in the middle of a lecture and a student enters the room the teacher should make eye contact with the student, have an area for the student to turn in work, and continue with the lesson. His best-known work was done in the s, where he conducted two major case studies.

Overlapping is the ability for a teacher to in a word, multi-task.

Classroom Management Theorist JACOB KOUNIN. – ppt download

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Also, thwory “overlapping” ability to do more than one thing at once is essential, since most middle school students will capitalize on the opportunity to get away with outlawed behavior while the teacher’s back is turned. Group alerting refers to the process of gaining attention from all students prior to explaining a concept or giving directions, whereas student accountability refers to notifying the students about participation expectations and frequently calling on students to demonstrate their knowledge through explanation and questioning.

Create your website today. An effective lesson with proper momentum will continuously move in classroom forward direction and be free of dead spots.

This can be done through exciting announcements, demonstrations, or by changing the atmosphere of learning. When placing students in group-work, the teacher can walk around facilitating and listening to discussions of other students. This can also look like asking random questions, or asking a student a question and then looking around at jacobb students to see if they are thinking or ready to respond.


Classdoom example, a pink card for Suzy, Bobbie, and Billy could stand for the Phonics station. The teacher should make each center as kinestethic as possible with many manipulatives at each station i. Jacob Kounjn, author of Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms developed a theory focused on preventing unwanted behaviour by implementing effective lesson management. The teacher can then intervene or take the group to a different track if required.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Jacob Kounin

What does a positive classroom environment. Kounin identified specific teaching techniques that help, and hinder, classroom discipline.

When every student always has something to do, each will not become bored and find off-task behavior to engage in. Maintaining such momentum and having a steady sense of movement throughout the lesson helps engage the learners in activities and helps prevent student misbehavior.

According to Kounin, overlapping and withitness are critical to preventing off task and unwanted behaviour in the classroom. The teacher can maintain this strategy by making eye contact to all students at all times.

Published by Charlene Barrett Modified over 2 years ago. Students need to know that the teacher is aware of what is going on in the classroom.