Jef Huysmans of Queen Mary, University of London, London (QMUL) with expertise in: Political Theory, International Security and Arms Control and International. School of Politics and International Relations. Critical Methods in International Relations: The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts of European Citizenship: A Political Sociology of Mobilitymore. Professor Jef Huysmans. Jef Huysmans Professor of International Politics. Queen Mary, University of London. [email protected] Title: Fracturing.

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In the past few years the relative success of international political sociology as an intellectual project has stimulated debates about its contribution to international studies. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. This article deals with the question of how migration has developed into a security issue hyysmans western Europe and how the European integration process is implicated in it.

Jef Huysmans – Google Scholar Citations

An absence in the election campaign s. Fear, Migration and Asylum in the EU. Serbian-Turkish relations since the rule of Justice and Development Party.

The article then assesses the political implications of critical approaches.

A Political Sociology of Mobility. It is also possible that your web browser is not configured or not able to display style sheets. School of Politics and International Relations.

It is related to a wider politicization in which immigrants and asylum-seekers are portrayed as huysmanx challenge to the protection of national identity and welfare provisions.


Weapons of mass destruction grabbed public interest and controlling the free movement of people became a national security priority. Taking exception to the exception – On Schmitt, Agamben and the absence of political society more. Extitutional surveillance is strongly embedded in diffusing arrangements of power and ever more extensively enveloped in everyday life and banal devices.

Security is not in the first instance a right or value but a practice that challenges democratic institutions and actions. Introduction to the First Forum more. We are familiar with emergency policies in the name of national security challenging parliamentary processes, the space for political dissent, and fundamental rights.

Multi-media Teaching and Training Module. Relegated to a socio-economic background that prompts new engagements with democracy, mobility has been neglected as a condition of possibility and as a form of political democratic practice.

Huysmans, Jef – School of Politics and International Relations

Verslagboek van de Studiedag 20 NovemberAntwerp: On security speech acts and little security nothings J Huysmans Security dialogue 42, Finally, ethical and research implications are explored.

Scholars are still arguing in terms of ‘schools’, while there has been an increasing and sustained cross-fertilization among critical approaches. Ten Years of IPS: Manchester University Press,pp. Yet, despite an impressive body of literature, there remains fundamental disagreement as to what counts as Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef The Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion.

Jef Huysmans

Critical Approaches to Security. Desecuritisation and the aesthetics of horror in political realism J Huysmans Millennium 27 3, Freedom and security in the EU.


Since the s, the political construction of migration My most recent publications in this area are the book Security Unbound. In fact, IPS is not really an approach, let alone a school of thought, but more a signifier that connects people sharing a disposition toward traversing familiar, institutionalized repertoires of analysis; toward re-conceptualizing and displacing the questions that can be asked, the methods that can be used, the styles of arguing that are acceptable.

Defining social constructivism in security studies: Masters in the Making?

Normativity, inwardness and the exception. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Security Unbound, by Jef Huysmans

New articles by this author. What do you mean?

Migration, refuge, asylum seeking have been high on the political agendas in Europe and North America for decades now.

A Political Sociology of Mobility more. New articles related to this author’s research. Sex work, mobility, mobilisation. Finally, I retain a research interest in acts of citizenship and international political sociologies of mobility, and in particular, how they hhysmans us to conceptualise politics as de-territorialised, fractured and transversal.