Soliloquy [Kenneth Goldsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soliloquy is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent). Soliloquy” is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent), spoken by New York artist Kenneth Goldsmith during one week. The work originated as a. But Goldsmith is also funny. Soliloquy presents seven waking days in the life of Kenny G, a busy downtown New York artist, writer, deejay and Web designer.

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Oh, we can take it over. Designed to investigate how much a person speaks in an average week, the answer is pages, or about 5 pounds.

U B U W E B :: Kenneth Goldsmith

But unlike his earlier work, Soliloquy leaves the reader with a convinced sense that language, no matter how un-artful, does the heavy lifting in our lives, and has encoded the entire registry of our being.

Visually, the installation was a model of self-effacement. I’m not going to go to court unless you want me there. Which made me think whether there is kkenneth thing as natural speech. This originating concept may be simple, but the end result is a complex provocation on language and visuality, documentary, autobiography, and the elusive relation between an individual’s speech and the linguistic patterns of a particular social milieu.

Emma Kohlmann creates haunting and beautifully erotic narratives by interweaving simple and crude ink drawings with poetic musings on alienation, sex, and death.

Soliloquy, Act 6 [excerpt]

Alex rated it kemneth liked it Apr 28, By choosing to cast Soliloquy as both installation and book, Goldsmith is drawing attention to the fact that reading and looking are not equivalent activities.


I don’t want to be in court either, OK? The idea of collecting the quotidian takes a turn toward the personal with Fidgeta transcript of the poet’s every physical gesture taken over a 13 hour period. Eyes move to left. To goldsmirh this, I wore a hidden voice-activated tape recorder.

Leave this field blank. Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk often collaborate on books and prints, a selection of which will also be included in the show. Lawrence’s story “The Rocking Horse Winner. It took 8 weeks, working 8 hours a day. Yeah, if you were if you were taping you’d have 5 times as many kennety as me. At one point, Goldsmith recounts his conversation about No.


It was a joke. A series of stenciled textual overlays, similar to those of 73 Poems, serve as illustrations for Bruce Andrews ‘s poetry collection Tizzy Boost Inhe published Day The Figuresin which he kejneth the entirety of the New York Times newspaper from Friday, September 1,resulting in an page tome.

Since then he has had a goldwmith career as a visual artist and creator of textual objects, as well as being a DJ for the alternative radio station, WFMU Beginning with Monday morning and ending with Sunday evening, the text is organized around the diurnal rhythms goldsmih everyday life: However, when these enterprises proved too labor-intensive for Goldsmith’s increasingly linguistically-informed creativity he decided to devote himself to pure text-art.

As one other reviewers noted, someone had to do this. This is followed by a series of three pages which consist solely of the punctuation marks taken from Stein’s essay and arranged by Goldsmith. You’re not really supposed to read this as much as understand it, but I read it anyway.


The free-play of syntax across the white page is visually-pleasing concrete poetry, but also foregrounds that which often goes unnoticed: The performative element is apparent since the artist embraces the role of the writer as process and plagiarism — as content. A Novel – in golddsmith the pop artist records and transcribes a friend’s monologue for 24 hours – in that Goldsmith records his every utterance over an entire week.

Thank you, Kenneth Goldsmith. Argall Pellegrino rated it liked it Jun 28, No, it’s much better that it was. Here’s the way it works, um, you’ll you’ll be released today, OK, OK? I haven’t read this volume in its entirety, and I don’t think I will be able to anytime soon, but I did finish Act 1 Day 1, that is.

No, they’re just shot. Part of Goldsmith’s point is to “make everybody realize how much garbage they speak. This practice is continued with No.

Create new account Request new password. Abaton Books, ; Fidget Toronto: This is a different strike? I just, you know, I really.

The piece is also very much a “confession,” in the sense that it lays bare everything that occurs in both the public and private life of the artist.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Portrait of Kenneth Goldsmith — image courtesy of Buffalo All images used are for illustrative purposes only.