the loi sur les démolitions, transformations et rénovations (LDTR), on the http :// database (click on Connecter to. Votation du 5 juin, LDTR et acquisition du logement par son locataire, contrecoup pour les caisses de pension? Note Arveron N°5. Lire l’article · Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is REALLY being used in cities around the world.

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The main problem here is that local gsneve fails itself to properly maintain their own rulings. And even at the time of moving out and finding a replacement tenant they were always very helpful.

Others have a neighbor who throws parties all the genevd or one that has a kid that screams through the night or a dog that barks too loud at times or another one that needs to get to work at 4am and first runs the shower in the apartment above you and then lets the door slam and then there’s those that are annoyed because someone else is blocking the laundry room.

This is an issue in other cities and countries, too, though prohibiting private rentals like AirBnB is an unusually bold step against the trend.

And the amount of cash those tourists bring are of course ignored Airbnb in Geneva Like many cities where Airbnb is popular, Geneva has a severe rental shortage, with a vacancy rate of 0.

FSep 25, So I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other regulations as well impacting hotel-like usage. Urs Max Forum Legend.

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Thought I would add an update to my piece above: If there is none, chances are that there was also no application for a building permit. Once the building authorisation has been issued retroactively by the council, the owner can appeal the decision which apparently they usually do to try to get out of paying the reimbursements, and usually lose the case if it is obvious that there were significant renovations.


It looks like in Geneva there is already a local law controlling a landlords right to turn what should ,dtr a normal rental unit into basically a holiday let or glorified hotel suite. Approximately homes are rented exclusively on these platforms and thus lost to the people of Geneva. Like many cities where Airbnb is popular, Geneva has a severe rental shortage, with a vacancy rate of 0.

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This means that if the owner of the apartment has to retroactively apply for building permission because they did not do so at the time, the difference between the original rent and the current rent assuming this is higher than the previous rent before the renovation needs to be reimbursed to the tenant who has been paying the higher rent, for the whole period from when the new contract started until three years or until the date the tenant moved out, whichever happens first.

The combination of legal, tax and commercial skills allows the members of the firm to advise its clients in an efficient, personalized and pragmatic manner and to assist them in all their private and professional projects. Arab spring turning into Russian winter?

Landlord turning empty apartments into AirBnB rentals? – Page 3 – English Forum Switzerland

How does the income from Airbnb compare to a long-term lease? F Mar 23, About Behind Get the Data Tweet. Note that the permit could have been applied for months before the actual building works, so go back a year or so.


I am genefe tears In Lausanne there are sometimes strings attached to a multiple flat building permit – that certain share of them has to be “rent regulated”, and the rest are free market.

Use the drop down menus in the lower section for your Commune and street if there is an entry against your address. Only members can see names and photos. Read the previous legal cases in CH. How is Airbnb really being used in and affecting your neighbourhoods?

This article appeared in the Tribune de Geneve today; http: The process is described somewhere on this page https: The minimum stay, price and number of reviews have been used to estimate the occupancy ratethe number of nights per year and the income per month for each listing. Everything he assumes might happen is exactly that – assumption.

Airbnb in Geneva

I presume that the Mieterverband would know how to find out such information about the owner. The Law The Conseil d’Etat wrote in their understanding that if Airbnb and other short-term rentals were being offered from the housing market, this would be in violation of the LDTR Actwhich defines allowable Demolitions, Transformations and Renovations to housing: I understand this law applies to Geneva, but maybe Vaud has something similar.

It could be that, if the building in which OP lives is subject to any part of this law, OP may have an argument to prevent the owner renting an appartment out as AirBnb. He geheve asked whether what the landlord was doing was legal it isethical subject to discussion and whether he’s the only one who would be annoyed by that apaprently not.