Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Daily Affirmation. My mind is my good friend and servant. It awaits my direction on what to think about and focus on. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Written by Louise Berlay, narrated by Barry J. Peterson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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The last bit about her imagining a son after speaking to Neville is a random guess. I really love your reading and your choices you pick.

Not have the opposite thing happen after which you bend over backwards to explain it away in whatever ridiculous way possible. Post the source material as I’ve asked you to already several times you are drawing from so the community can unpack it.

I am not even doubting what YOU said, that they may have had different thoughts, imaginations etc. I think there is something to this stuff but I believe that there is a bigger picture to things, things that our ego probably can’t or won’t understand that our higher self understands in a better way, so when people think they fail or succeed – maybe not.


Nothing Neville said in the story suggests that. I’m sure he was also there as a teacher for Louise. Posts and comments made from accounts with too much negative karma will be auto removed. There’s another story where Neville used his imagination to appear in his nephew’s place so that Neville could convince his sister that there’s a greater spiritual world beyond this one.

Or like Abe-Hicks would say – you’ll get the essence of what you want, not necessarily the picture you had in mind. What’s worked for you in your life?

I steadfastly behold the joy of the answered prayer. From what I remember the only time he mentioned having a boy was when he first met Neville Mark, and at first thought he was his biological son, though he and his wife knew that was impossible, and then he learned Louise was expecting so he determined that must be her son. And perhaps Louise was more than delighted for that chance see belray in a male garment demonstrate an enjoyment for activities considered almost exclusive to the opposite sex.


My thoughts turn in gentle happy directions. I just don’t get this example. Complete, fundamental understanding of the law and why it works.

The Magic of the Mind

It doesn’t seem like that hard a feat compared to others. I don’t get it.

It worked because the beggar is rich in spirit? I can much more easily get the feeling of wish fulfilled about items I don’t really care about. Nor do you know she wasn’t. You need some proof that I cannot offer to you. He even thought his wife would some how have a son on short notice, and that louise said “No, we want a daughter”. Paul Brunton invocation daily affirmations james allen james allen prayer and meditations louise berlay.

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I choose to rule with love, joy, peace and kindness today. This is a day of beauty and of Light as all that is not Love dissolves away from my Being and I am restored to peace.

I am running my own race today. So a few ideas Neville seemed quite impressed and proud of how much mystical insight the boy already knew at such a young age. I have no issue with her not giving birth to a girl as I think the desire fulfills itself.

That is a desperate thing to me and perhaps part of why it hasn’t worked well. I think Louise’s story is still a success story, but I can also see the double standard – if someone else were to come up with that story and post it on the forum they would not be considered a success because it didn’t match their original intention.


This result essentially fulfilled everyone then.

Louise Berlay Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘The Magic Of the Mind’

But what Neville preached was that you imagine something, persist in the imagery, and it will harden into fact. The stories and experiences within are inspiring. You however do not feel that way.

Excruciating narration ruins a good book I was exited to see this on audible and purchased it. Joe is certain he’ll get the job, but Bob has an experience or uses the Law that says he’ll get the job. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.

And who knows, maybe Neville Mark loise along in that body to quietly help break the “gender stereotypes.

Louise Berlay (Author of Magic of the Mind)

Now, if someone asked me about the ones that it didn’t work, I would say those were the failed ones, be it my responsibility, or be it theirs not following my instruction, both possible. Not sure if that makes sense? Unfortunately, Brelay Peterson is without a doubt the worst narrator I have ever heard.

Neville told a story to illustrate the law. Berkay called- Magic of the Mind For the most part men and women had very defined roles. Not, imagine it and it will become fact, but only if it fits science and rationality. Why can’t the gender change after conception? Whatever I need to know comes to me from the God self within me. From this example I do not see your grounds of why it worked.

He taught the Bible as an allegorical picture of the imaginal act.