I decided to produce this report following the conviction that nothing The Malawi “Capital Hill Cash-Gate Scandal” (named after the seat of. Story by Shaun Raviv in Lilongwe, Malawi. Additional reporting, translating and fixing by Golden Matonga. Illustrations by Andrew Berry. visited July 9, ) [hereinafter BBC Cashgate Report] (on file with the Dependence, Donor Withdrawal: Implications of Malawi’s Cashgate.

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In Novemberthe new IFMIS was formally introduced and customised to Malawi’s own specific requirements across 50 ministries and government entities. Due to the vast sums that pass through government bank accounts, it is important that PFM systems be robust and effective at managing government funds be they raised from taxes, donors, dividends, etc. Reort 21 September We have seen funds transferred between unrelated companies, individuals withdrawing funds from unconnected organizations and inflated prices paid repot companies with limited or no trading history and very large cash withdrawals.

Retrieved 30 October In the meantime, the government’s hopes of an early resumption of aid have been dealt a severe blow. Retrieved 30 January Archived from the original on 30 December Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Casgate the paul mphwiyo saga”. Impact on the forecast The report will cause further embarrassment for the president, Joyce Banda, ahead of the May elections.

We do not believe the receivers of these funds are therefore the ultimate beneficiary in all cases. Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau ACB also began an investigation into illicit financial activity among civil servants, and started making arrests in connection with Cashgate.


Capital Hill Cashgate Scandal or “Cashgate” is a financial scandal involving looting, theft and corruption that happened casgate Capital Hillthe seat of Government of Malawi. For some reason, those issues could not be resolved. Although for legal reasons the report does not include the names of specific individuals and companies, it confirms that the information has been passed on to the police and other relevant authorities. The audit focused on financial transactions conducted by the Malawi government between April and September last year.

The US’s planned withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement could have a substantial cost for African states. According to Baker Tilly, bodies involved in the false accounting included the office of the president and cabinet, as well as several ministries.

The second report demonstrated that Osward Lutepo — who was linked to several businesses implicated in Cashgate — was the primary beneficiary of the scandal, along with a number of other businessmen. These cadhgate systems enable a centralised and efficient management of government funds generally income and expenditure across departments and enable the money cashhate government receives or spends to be reconciled with the actual funds in the government’s bank accounts, countrywide.

The specific problem is: The government of Malawi soon recognized that the IFMIS was vulnerable to misuse and corruption and commissioned Soft-Tech Consulting Limited — the software cashgatr technology company that initially implemented the IFMIS — to investigate any cashgatf exploitation of the system.

Mphwiyo’s wife rushed him to a nearby health clinic, where doctors managed to stabilise his condition. Suspect in Mphwiyo shooting saga”.


In October,more than 70 people were arrested in connection to Cashgate — many of whom were subsequently tried and convicted. The GoM malawk that “a number of perpetrators had exploited these weaknesses through collusion, resulting in financial loss to the government exchequer. Later in October, the ACB continued to make arrests. If properly repirt and managed, the IFMIS system automatically links planned budget and actual cash budget demands, allowing managers to efficiently schedule expenditures to minimize cashflow problems and improve public service delivery.


Skip to main content Web bot Register Log in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The scandal first came to light reeport Septemberwhen an accounts assistant in the Ministry of Environment was found with several thousand dollars USD in his car.

Upon the emergence of a large-scale corruption scandal, Malawi became enmeshed in chaos and speculation.


Later inthe British government provided the Auditor General of the Government of Malawi and the Malawi Law Enforcement Agencies with a second report that summarized 53 Cashgate case files. President Joyce Banda’s administration maintained that the looting was made possible because of loopholes in the IFMIS, and also suggested that Mphwiyo may have been shot by the scandal’s perpetrators because he was on mmalawi verge of busting a corruption syndicate.

On 11 OctoberNorway froze all budget support to Malawi. She enlisted a Cabinet Commission chaired by the Minister of Good Governance, Christopher Daza, to oversee this plan and communicate its findings to Malawi’s donors. Retrieved 12 December Featured analysis The legislation will release an important source of new funding for African states without replacing China or the EU.

Archived from the original on 20 November